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The Importance of Content Editing

After I got my manuscript back from my editor, I noticed that most of his corrections were my inconsistencies of when to spell out numbers. There is no fixed rule about this, I think it is largely dependent on the … Continue reading

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Favorite New Adult/Young Adult romance novels

When reading New Adult and Young Adult novels, I had to put myself in a frame of mind of how I had behaved when I was that age. That’s why I had to go back and change some ratings. Anyway … Continue reading

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Favorite Contemporary/Historical Romance Books

I’m a big fan of Lisa Kleypas Historicals, but I loved her contemporary romance, Smooth Talking Stranger. Also she had shifted to the 1st POV in this one. I loved the banter between Jack and Ella. With lines like: “No more Dane,” … Continue reading

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Five-Star reads

Ever since my reading binge began in May 2012, I have not seen any signs of it abating. I have amassed 186 entries on Goodreads since I discovered that website—not including some books I couldn’t finish. It has become my … Continue reading

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Murder and Silk

To download Murder and Silk as a PDF:  Murder and Silk You can also read it here. This short story contains adult content. By clicking “Continue reading ” below or reading past this line, you agree that you are 18 and … Continue reading

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Details, Details …

As a reader, I’m not much for endless details or filler chapters, but I do realize that sometimes they are needed pace the story. I do not like to read about pages and pages about a character’s clothes or a … Continue reading

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Use the best word

When I become interested in something, it almost becomes an obsession. I read/buy books, I buy the best tools—everything needs to be top-notch—I try to go to classes when I could. Fortunately, in novel writing, you just need your writing … Continue reading

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