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Interesting Reads for week May 26-31

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I know plenty of readers are hitting this blog for recommendations for New Adult romances, but either I’m stuck in a rut or I could not find any interesting ones. I seriously DNF (Did Not Finish) a couple of highly-rated new Adult romances which I shall not mention here. Anyway, as soon as I read a good one, I’ll recommend it on this blog.

Toward the end of next week I should have my review up of the latest of the Crossfire Series – Entwined with You and the latest Kristen Ashley’s book — Fire Inside. I have already read an ARC copy of Fire Inside but something was off, so I’m waiting to buy the book to see if the problem was just the editing.

Watch out for more news for Silver Fire (Guardians #2) next week. I just finished my self-edit and am having someone do a plot/continuity feedback before sending it off to my editor.

Anyway, I’m glad that I finally gave C.J. Roberts’s books a try. I thought I would hate the plots, but I devoured both books in a day. The writing style is impeccable and engaging and I look forward to more books by this author. The content may be too dark and disturbing for many because it deals with the pleasure-slave trade.

Captive in the Dark
Captive in the Dark

4-star-ratingCaptive in the Dark ~ C.J. Roberts

I was expecting it to be a very dark, cringe-worthy read but it wasn’t. And I’m glad I finally read the book. At first I thought I wouldn’t like to read about a girl being beaten to submission —this book is about the pleasure slave trade— but Livvie was such a strong character that even in her pain, you knew she wouldn’t break. And Caleb, the author wrote him in a way that you actually care about him even if he was Livvie’s tormentor.
The book was well-written and had dark themes.

Seduced in the dark
Seduced in the dark


Seduced in the Dark ~ C.J. Roberts

Wow! What did I just read? The 2nd installment of The dark duet was more disturbing than the first one. Caleb is conflicted and part of him really doesn’t want to give up Livvie. The things he did to fight his feelings were appalling and yes, this time I cringe but it wasn’t enough for me not to want him to try and redeem himself. And Livvie, I love her. Despite what she went through, this girl had such inner strength I could only root for their HEA. The writing was engaging and compelling. Great book, not a story I would forget anytime soon.


New Adult Novels: Off sides..

Off Sides Simply put, I like Danny the heroine and Ryan. They were both strong characters and were willing to fight for what they wanted. Off Limits I enjoyed the previous book off sides. The book was slow to start, but it was to show some background on the characters. Emily is a trust fund baby, but has decided to reinvent herself and not be the spoiled little rich girl that she was. Nix is trying not to get involved with Emily,but when they finally do, it’s a scorcher! Anyway, they agree that the sex would be no-strings-attached, but you know how that goes. ;). The book deals with PTSD and by the end of the book, there were tears in my eyes as what happened to Nix is revealed. The way the author shows how Nix deals with the after-effects of a brain trauma as well as PTSD is heartbreaking—there are uncontrolled rages etc… but I really like how Emily helped Nix overcome this. The ending was satisfying and sweet.

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New Adult/Young Adult

Character Inspirations for ..

Some readers and authors want to use their own imagination to visualize the characters, but I, on the other hand, like to have an inspiration for the character I’m working on. If you don’t want to be spoiled for my character inspirations, do not click on the “Continue Reading” link below.

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Fire and Ice, Guardian Series

Contemporary/Erotic Romance..

Ready for a round-up of my best reads this month so far? These are considered more Adult Romances, couples are above 30-years old. I’m moving some of my reviews from goodreads, so if you’ve read them there, it’s more of the same thing here. Bittersweet by Noelle Adams I was debating how to rate this, definitely four stars but after reading through a couple of scenes and how they affected me, I’ve decided to give it a full five star. The book was aptly titled because that’s how I felt when I was reading it. The story is about a widow, Zoe and how she tries to move on. Her husband’s cousin, Adam tries to help her cope with hurdles of dealing with the loss of her husband, Josh — what to do with Josh’s company, making decisions on buying a house, even babysitting her baby so she can have a girl’s night out. What we see in the beginning was, Adam and Zoe met each other first (5 years before) and were more like lunch buddies in Zoe’s mind because Adam never asked her out. After almost of month, Zoe meets Josh during one of those lunches and Josh […]


Fire and Ice receives endor..

I am so thrilled and honored to have my book, Fire and Ice endorsed by Compulsion Reads! Simply put, Compulsion Reads‘s mission is to “support the indie book movement. Support good books. Give readers the excuse they need to try a new author. We show our support by offering something the indie book industry desperately needs: quality standards. ” I admit I was a bit terrified to submit my book for evaluation given the rigorous guidelines and process that the manuscript/book go through to get endorsed. Imagine my relief and joy when I received an email from Compulsion Reads stating that my book has received the seal of endorsement! Here are some snippets from the review: “Maia is a strong female lead who has been training to be an agent with The Guardians (a special ops team) since she was very young. I loved that she was willing to sacrifice herself to save anyone. Each of her daring feats left her damaged and many times hospitalized, which showed a vulnerable side to this woman who acts as if she is invincible. Author Victoria Paige did a great job of creating two well-rounded characters that made you smile and at the same time created […]


Silver Fire casting Derek L..

As an author, I really shouldn’t put pre-conceived images of my characters in a reader’s mind. Derek Lockwood was one character I had a hard time casting in my head. He has charm, he is a manwhore, he is very likeable, he is a bad ass, he is complex. He’s 42-years old and 6’2″. He is not a pretty boy, he is not big and bulky. He is lean compacted muscles. Then I saw the latest cover of Men’s Health. Ofcourse! There’s my Derek! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau {Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones}. Perfect.


Silver Fire (Guardians, #2)

I’m halfway through Silver Fire and have mapped out the rest of the chapters, and let me tell you, it’s just as action-packed as Fire and Ice. Expected publishing date: November 2013. Blurb: What if you hold the blueprint to a device that can destroy an entire city? Sophie Marie Leroux is a genius nuclear physicist who runs Silver Fire Research, a laboratory that has developed the technology to enrich Zefinium—an element so versatile, it can be used as an infinite power source. It is also rumored to be an alternative to weaponized plutonium. Certain factions want to see that research buried, and the only way to make it happen is to get rid of Sophie. But greed has brought out sinister forces who may just coerce her into building the most lethal weapon since the nuclear bomb. Derek Lockwood has avoided commitment all his life. His past involvements in high-risk missions with the Army Special Forces and Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) are not exactly building blocks for meaningful relationships. Now as an executive for a defense company, he finds himself attracted to his new business partner—an angel with a mind like Einstein—Sophie may be the one woman who may […]