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Pamela Clare I-Team series

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Are you tired of all the cliffhangers? Well, here’s a great series to read. I read this backwards. I started with Breaking Point. My review is here.

Naked Edge


When I read about Gabe’s fearless stuntman antics in Breaking Point, I just had to read his book. I’m glad I did!
Gabe is we they call a rock jock and adrenaline junkie. He’s also sworn off love and marriage and prefers to have meaningless sex. This was because his fiancee died three years ago but there was a little mystery regarding the circumstances of her death.
Kat is part Navajo and I really liked her. I usually do not like a damsel in distress but she has her own strengths and I like how she could see through Gabe’s BS. She does not want casual sex and is saving herself for her “other half.” Which doesn’t make Gabe a candidate at all.
Gabe wants to protect Kat from whoever is trying to kill her and the situation throws them together. Excellent sexual tension and what a climatic ending.

Also a great read was  Extreme Exposure. This was the first of the series, and Kara McMillian is a hard-nosed investigative reporter on the trail of some corporate evil-doers that are getting people sick. Think Erin Brockovich. Senator Reece Sheridan is hot straight-senator on the outside, dirty talker on the inside. 😉 I wish all our lawmakers were like him. The chemistry and sexual tension between the two is scorching. Although, I didn’t agree with how Kara did her job (with a young son, I would think it’ll be a big no-no to go after people who are ruthless) and want to scream at her at how she got herself in some situations, the resolution was satisfying.


Fire and Ice an extended epilogue

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Fire Ice Sml_1

Download PDF Fire and Ice: an extended epilogue

Download for free at Smaswords here (for all other readers like iPad and Kindle, Sony etc.)


Jack takes drastic measures to mitigate his fears with Maia’s risky job and his fiancée is furious. When two strong-willed people clash, sparks will fly. Will his jealousy and overprotectiveness burn their relationship to ashes or will they transcend these challenges and share an extraordinary love?

*Strong sexual content and language. Short story erotic romance, 12,800 words.

*This is not a standalone and expands on the events at the ending of Fire and Ice that ran concurrently with Beneath the Fire.

Q & A about Fire and Ice an extended epilogue

Is this book a standalone?

No. This book is the only one in the series that is not a standalone. The events here will make more sense if you have read Fire and Ice because the timeline falls under the ending of that book. Some events from Beneath the Fire are also mentioned here.

Do I need to read this before Silver Fire?

No. All my other books are written as a standalone, however you will realize some foreshadowing in this book that would make sense once you’ve read Silver Fire.

Why did you write an extended Epilogue?

The idea came to me when my friend read an advance copy of Beneath the Fire and said, “you need to write a Jack and Maia wedding now, your readers will expect it.” Problem was, Silver Fire was already written and there was no way I can insert the wedding without messing with the flow of the story.

Are there action scenes in this book?

There is one short mission in this book. Keep in mind that this is a short story, probably half the length of Beneath the Fire. The story will concentrate on Jack and Maia’s relationship.

Are there sex scenes?

What do you think? 😉

How explicit are the sex scenes?

Very. Those who read Beneath the Fire only and wanted more will be happy with the scenes in the book. The novella’s sex scenes were mild because it was a New Adult book. Those who have read Fire and Ice will be treated to a bit more. When I wrote my first book, I was thinking that my friends and family will be reading my book, so I held back. But after I received comments from my friends and they called me a “porn writer” anyway, I decided to let my writing voice lead me where it wanted to go. 🙂

Is this book professionally edited?

I used this book as a learning experience (experimenting with style, improving my voice etc.) and sent the first two chapters to a professional editor to coach me on this. The rest was self-edited.

*Note all my other books that are for sale had been professionally edited.


Fire and Ice (an extended epilogue) cover

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Fire Ice Sml_1

* Book Cover by: Robin Ludwig Design

Almost done with my free short story that expands on the events of the four months later at the end of Fire and Ice. 🙂 Folks who’ve read Beneath the Fire probably have an inkling what this may be all about. There is little action in this book and will concentrate more on Jack and Maia’s relationship. Explicit sex scenes and relationship discussions take up almost half of the book.  😉  12,800 words.


Jack takes drastic measures to mitigate his fears with Maia’s risky job and his fiancée is furious. When two strong-willed people clash, sparks are bound to fly. Will his jealousy and overprotectiveness burn their relationship to ashes or will they transcend these challenges to share an extraordinary love?

*Strong sexual content and language. Short story erotic romance, 12,800 words.

*This is not a standalone expanding on the events at the ending of Fire and Ice that run concurrently with Beneath the Fire.


Maia’s three-inch heels were having trouble keeping up with Jack’s long strides.  Jack had not said a word since they left the bar and simply held her hand tightly as he pulled her beside him on the sidewalk. He turned into a deluxe boutique hotel. 

She dug in her heels and pulled on her arm. 

“Jack,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”

He yanked her into his chest. “Takes five minutes to get to the car, fifteen minutes to get out of Georgetown and twenty minutes to get home. I’m not waiting to put my cock inside you, Maia.” Jack’s eyes glittered with determination and heated intensity that caused her sex to spasm. When she just gaped at him, he growled,“Good, we’re on the same page.”


Lick (Stage Dive, #1)

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Lick (Stage Dive #1) ~ Kylie Scott

Finally, we have a rock star that’s not a complete douchebag. I know we all love bad boys, but sometimes with New Adult novels and as a more mature reader, I don’t get the appeal unless the man finds a way to completely redeem himself in the end.

Anyway, off my soapbox.

Here’s a book that is completely swoonworthy. Is the hero perfect? No.

Apparently, what stays in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for long when an ordinary girl like Evelyn finds herself married to a famous rockstar after an amnesia-inducing drunk night.

I think David is the sweetest rock star I’ve ever read. The book was well written. Evelyn and David were sympathetic characters. There definitely was conflict but nothing too over the top which was great for a change. The sex scenes were hot. I would say this was an easy, mellow read. And yes, no cliffhangers. Can Mal get a book, pretty please? 🙂


Silver Fire ~ Cover Reveal + Excerpt

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Silver Fire Sml

Here it is! The cover for Silver Fire! I hope you love it as much as I do. My thanks to Robin Ludwig Design for such a beautiful cover.


What if you hold the blueprint to a device that can destroy an entire city?
Sophie Marie Leroux is a genius nuclear physicist who runs Silver Fire Research, a laboratory that has developed the technology to enrich Zefinium—an element so versatile, it can be used as an infinite power source. It is also rumored to be an alternative to weaponized plutonium. Certain factions want to see that research buried, and the only way to make it happen is to get rid of Sophie. But greed has brought out sinister forces that may just coerce her into building the most lethal weapon since the nuclear bomb.
Derek Lockwood has avoided commitment all his life. His past involvements in high-risk missions with the Army Special Forces and Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) are not exactly building blocks for meaningful relationships. Now an executive for a defense company, he finds himself attracted to his new business partner. An angel with a mind like Einstein—Sophie just may be the one woman who will have him forsake all others.
However, behind Sophie’s brilliant mind lurks a dark past, and Derek will need all his intellectual and sensual expertise to break through her emotional minefield.


*the manuscript is currently being edited and some words/lines may change or be omitted. Also this excerpt contain some sexual content.

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Super Alphas

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MacRieve. More like 4.5 stars. Once again, Kresley Cole gives us one sexy lykae in Macrieve. He was seriously messed up not only from his involvement in his parents death but also from his stint at the Order’s research facility. With no one to seek revenge on, he couldn’t wish sooner for death. Enter Chloe Todd and I’m stating right here if it wasn’t for the strength of the heroine I would have hated this book. Because Macrieve really tested my patience and I wanted to scream at him to get over it: “you’re a 900-year old Lykae for heaven’s sake.” I loved, loved Chloe and my heart ached for her almost for the entire book, but she was such a breath of fresh air. The way she handled herself in the face of Macrieve’s assholeness will have you rooting for her the entire time.
He wasn’t an asshole in the beginning, you could actually see how sweet he was after finding his mate, but something happened that made him turn against Chloe and he was almost cruel to her. Grrr, I almost wanted to reach into my e-reader and wring his neck. I wanted to scream at Chloe “Make him grovel!”
Anyway, Macrieve made up for it in the end in the most sexy and steamy way. Sigh, you cannot stay mad at these lykae forever.

This Man Confessed




This Man Confessed. I love crazy, neurotic, OTT protective, jealous and possessive Jesse Ward. There is simply no other mindset going in when reading this book. You just have to accept the way the man is, otherwise you’re going to rationalize that his relationship with Ava is unhealthy and destructive. But for these two, there is no other way they can exist. That is how their relationship is and always will be: crazy, intense, retribution sex and sense f*cks. 😉
The author’s writing is superb and I’m so glad that she has cut back on Jesse saying “Watch your mouth”. We get more than a glimpse of the wedding and Jesse non-adherence to tradition. I have to admit that I rolled my eyes with what he did at the wedding but hey, this is Jesse Ward, he is ott. I’m still wrapping my mind around why Ava reacted the way she did when Jesse finally admitted something. This had always bothered me from the previous book, she’s pretty smart and she did admit to having her suspicions, but how she reacted afterwards was OTT.. .maybe Jesse is rubbing off on her. I just felt the drama was forced and had not warranted such reaction.
There are numerous unresolved issues from the past books that come back to haunt them to the point of threatening Ava’s life which led to more of Jesse’ hair pulling (seriously, I fear for this man’s hair, LOL!). And there are twists that happen that finally explain why Jesse is the way he is.
I felt that the book was a bit too long and I found myself skimming some pages. But when you get to the good scenes, they are fantastic.
I was ready to give this book 4 stars but holy f*ck!ng hell … that epilogue? That epilogue just made the book! It was written from Jesse POV and it was f*ck!ng brilliant, I fell in love with our man, Jesse all over again. sigh…

The first two books in the trilogy.

This Man

Beneath this Man



Great alpha male reads this week

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I’ve been on a short book binge lately (200 pages and less). I found a couple of hot steamy reads from Entangled Publishing, the same publishing house that gave us “Officer off Limits”.

Listing them this way, I’ve realized that 1-click button on Amazon really gets me into trouble. These were my reads from this week alone. I had some free time because I was waiting for another edit for Silver Fire from a friend who happens to be a trauma counselor and English major.  She gave me some insight into my characters’ development. Great stuff. Yes, I’ve done what I’m calling my merge-edit. And should be starting the main edit today. In the meantime:

1. Private Practice ~ Samantha Becke 5-star-rating

I’d been searching all day for a quick and sexy read and Private practice did not disappoint. This book was smart, funny and the writing was engaging. Ellie Swann recently moved back to her home town to find out that Roger—her lifelong crush—was finally free of his engagement but rumor has it that the breakup was because his sexual proclivities had become more intense. Enter Tyler Longfoot—who was always known as the town’s bad boy (and whose nickname is “Footlong” *fans self*, Ellie was always known as the bookish awkward girl in high school.) Tyler and Ellie make a bargain, she avoids reporting his gunshot wound to the sheriff (she could lose her medical license) in exchange for five lessons on how to be a wild girl in bed and bring a man to his knees.
Straight up, I love stories like this where the h thinks she’s in love with someone else and the H is trying to help her win the other guy. We all know what will happen, right? 😉
Anyway, Ellie is adorably dorky as she treats the whole sex lessons very academically, she even makes a curriculum and I have to just laugh at Tyler’s inner thoughts on what he thought about all the chapters Ellie’s marked off on the sex book they were using. And their discussion of the different chapters was hilarious. I did feel bad for Tyler. I mean the guy is seriously hot but inwardly he was getting tired of being treated as nothing but good for sex and nothing more.
This was a refreshing read, there was no real mean villain, no stupid misunderstanding and is just a great book that will have you grinning from ear to ear. And the sex was hot. The author is now on my auto-buy list! 🙂

2. Lover Undercover ~ Samantha Becke ~4-star-rating

I enjoyed the first book more because there was more humor in it and the plot in this was a bit predictable. I did like Trevor, yummy alpha male detective and all. Could not connect that much with Kylie. The sexy scenes were sizzling especially the part with the lap dance. This was a great read and look forward to more from this author.

3. No Strings Attached ~ Nicollete Day ~4-star-rating

This was the perfect read for when you’re enjoying your coffee on the weekend before starting errands. It hot and sexy, there was enough background to feel connected with the characters to know what’s at stake.

4. Playing the Part ~ Robin Covington ~ 5-star-rating

I loved this book! What great characters. Piper James is a romance novelist whose helping out Sexiest Man alive and actor Mick Blackwell make the transition from bankable action star to oscar-worthy dramatic actor of a film adaptation of one of her books. Piper is wary of starting anything with Mick because of a scandalous past that nearly ended her career. Mick wasn’t taking no for an answer so they agree on just-sex, no strings attached kind of hookup. I love this kind of tropes especially when it’s the h that’s fighting the relationship. 🙂
There were a couple of conflicts, I could have done without the cheesy epilogue, but overall it did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

5. Down for the Count ~ Christine Bell ~4-star-rating

I think I have another auto-buy author. This book is filled with great characters. Lacey was a good girl who did not want to take risks and always followed what her family wanted. All is about to change when she discovers her groom in a closet with one of her bridesmaids. What follows is a night of re-evaluation and dares and she finds herself on her honeymoon destination with her best friend’s sexy brother Galen. What happens next is a sensual vacation, of sexual tension, great sex and a funny incident with another couple. Anyway, great read and of course I already bought the next book which is about Galen’s sister.

6. Down and Dirty ~ Christine Bell ~ 4-star-rating

Straight-up, I love Cat even if I wanted to slap her a couple of times. She’s brave, spunky and quite the adrenalin junkie. She’s afraid to settle down with one guy because she’s afraid of giving up her dreams or that he may stymie her and control her. Enter the delicious Shane Decker who had loved Cat for some time and was hoping after all these years she had finally grown up. And there’s the conflict, Cat is attracted to Shane but is scared that he may just be the man who will make her not her. One thing I love about Shane is he doesn’t give up easily. I like my h to be hard-to-get although even for me Cat was a bit over-the-top. But I do like the ending and I love Shane’s mom! 🙂

7. Under the Covers ~ Rebecca Zanatti 5-star-rating

I absolutely loved this book. I did not want it to end. First of all Quinn Lodge – total alpha male. Not only that, he’s the sheriff in town, his family owns a ranch and oh my god what a dirty talker. He bosses our heroine, Juliet, around and for some reason it’s hot. Don’t worry, Juliet is quite spunky and even if Quinn tells her what to do, she doesn’t always listen. 😉 Anyway, I loved the dynamics and it was so funny how the whole town seemed to try to get them together when the h/H were on the outs. There’s some mild suspense that had to do with mobster involved and became the main conflict between the h/H. The sex scenes were scorching, Great supporting characters and it’s setting up for future books. Now I want to get myself a Montana cowboy.
I haven’t read the first book, but I’m about to rectify that.

8. Against the Wall ~ Rebecca Zanatti ~ 4-star-rating

I enjoyed this book, although not as much as the 2nd book of the series. I’m not sure why, maybe because there was a more interesting plot in the second book. Anyway, what I loved in this book was Jake Lodge. I mean can you have a more yummy alpha male than him. Let’s see, he’s an ex-Army Ranger. He’s also high-powered lawyer wearing an Armani suit. But on his free time he is a cowboy who owns a ranch, he wears chaps and he wrestles bulls to the ground and he’s good at it. Makes me want to move to Montana and lasso myself a cowboy. 🙂 Sophie was a likeable heroine, she’s a golf course designer and Jake is opposing the development of one because of its possible destruction to the beauty of their land. They start off as no-strings attached sex but suddenly they want more. The question is will Sophie give up her big city life or is Jake willing to move his daughter to the big city away from all his family just to be with Sophie. The supporting characters are awesome and we catch a glimpse of the the other brothers and Hawk.

* Next week, “This Man Confessed” and “MacRieve”!


There be growling

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When a book like Silver Fire has to juggle three over-the -top Alpha males (Derek, Jack and Viktor) and then some, I can’t help but use the word “growled” in a lot of dialogues. How else can you say:
“You’re mine!” he growled.

However, my editor has a point, I did a word count for “growled” in Silver Fire and I cringed at the sheer amount of growling by my heroes; they’re not werewolves after all. 😉

So before I start editing, I write a a list of word alternatives. Sometimes when you’re on a roll, you can’t pull that best word out of your mouth, but you would hate disrupting the flow of the prose—you soldier on. I guess, that’s the type of writer I am. It’s when you finesse your story (and after you’ve read it a couple of times) that the elusive word finally makes itself known. 🙂

I also did a word count on the f-word, and it’s well below the average for the genre. 😉 (at least I hope so). I’ll probably clean it up a bit. Incidentally, the may/june issue of writer’s digest has a topic on using profanity and raw talk in fiction. And there’s a topic on cursing well.
The well-written curse is:
*pointed and precise. When you are dropping the word out of habit, you’ve hit the point of “too much.” Hear it, precisely.
*quickly and forcefully crafted. Shape and vary the language you use.
*revealing, both intentionally and unintentionally. Language (that is diction) changes when emotions are charged. But that might be the moment when swearing drops away. Work for the surprise
(source: writer’s digest may/june 2013 issue)

While I’m happily editing away, the short story I promised about Jack and Maia is nicely forming in my head  and I will start pounding the keys on that in a few weeks. This will cover the weeks after Beneath the Fire and Silver Fire and will be free on my blog like Murder and Silk.

In the meantime, happy reading! 🙂