Pamela Clare I-Team series

Are you tired of all the cliffhangers? Well, here’s a great series to read. I read this backwards. I started with Breaking Point. My review is here.

Naked Edge


When I read about Gabe’s fearless stuntman antics in Breaking Point, I just had to read his book. I’m glad I did!
Gabe is we they call a rock jock and adrenaline junkie. He’s also sworn off love and marriage and prefers to have meaningless sex. This was because his fiancee died three years ago but there was a little mystery regarding the circumstances of her death.
Kat is part Navajo and I really liked her. I usually do not like a damsel in distress but she has her own strengths and I like how she could see through Gabe’s BS. She does not want casual sex and is saving herself for her “other half.” Which doesn’t make Gabe a candidate at all.
Gabe wants to protect Kat from whoever is trying to kill her and the situation throws them together. Excellent sexual tension and what a climatic ending.

Also a great read was  Extreme Exposure. This was the first of the series, and Kara McMillian is a hard-nosed investigative reporter on the trail of some corporate evil-doers that are getting people sick. Think Erin Brockovich. Senator Reece Sheridan is hot straight-senator on the outside, dirty talker on the inside. 😉 I wish all our lawmakers were like him. The chemistry and sexual tension between the two is scorching. Although, I didn’t agree with how Kara did her job (with a young son, I would think it’ll be a big no-no to go after people who are ruthless) and want to scream at her at how she got herself in some situations, the resolution was satisfying.

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