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Silver Fire preview Chapters

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Silver Fire Sml

Silver Fire coming in October 2013

We’ve got preview Chapters! For chapter 1 & 2 click here.


What if you hold the blueprint to a device that can destroy an entire city?
Sophie Marie Leroux is a genius nuclear physicist who runs Silver Fire Research, a laboratory that has developed the technology to enrich Zefinium—an element so versatile, it can be used as an infinite power source. It is also rumored to be an alternative to weaponized plutonium. Certain factions want to see that research buried, and the only way to make it happen is to get rid of Sophie. But greed has brought out sinister forces that may just coerce her into building the most lethal weapon since the nuclear bomb.
Derek Lockwood has avoided commitment all his life. His past involvements in high-risk missions with the Army Special Forces and Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) are not exactly building blocks for meaningful relationships. Now an executive for a defense company, he finds himself attracted to his new business partner. An angel with a mind like Einstein—Sophie just may be the one woman who will have him forsake all others.
However, behind Sophie’s brilliant mind lurks a dark past, and Derek will need all his intellectual and sensual expertise to break through her emotional minefield.

Warning: Strong sexual content and language. Mild Sexual deviances. Some disturbing scenes. 18+ years old.

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New Adult Romances ~ Off Se..

Finally, I have some great new adult romances for you. Sawyer Bennett always delivers and I’ve got two for you: Off Course ~ Sawyer Bennett I LOVED this book. The author had struck every chord on my wish list. I like that the heroine Renner was not a push over. And Cillian with his rockstar good looks, well he is a rockstar, absolutely sizzles with Alpha male goodness who sees what he wants and goes for it. Renner is a bit gun-shy on the relationship bandwagon having suffered humiliation and the loss of her job in her previous one, but our man is persistent almost to the point of stalking. Don’t we all just love them that way in fantasy land anyway? So our man finally wears our girl down and the sex, when it happens, was explosive — as in tear your clothes off explosive. All should be good and coast along right? But no. There is one chink in this relationship and I’m not a big fan of the evil ex-girlfriend as a romance trope but in this case it worked to provide just the right angst. Though in the beginning I understand how Cillian feels it’s his […]

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Fire and Ice now on Smashwo..

Slowly navigating all this self-publishing world. Smashwords: * It is also available on the Apple iBookstore.    

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Fire and Ice