Month: September 2013

Writing Gems

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What a journey it has been! I have published my first book in April this year, followed by a novella and a short story and will be publishing my second full-length novel in October. Through it all, I have learned a lot: from the reviews of my books (both from readers and editors) and through other writing periodicals and books—I only hope to improve my craft, voice and writing style.

Here’s a list of helpful texts:

  1. The Elements of Style – Strunk and White – when in doubt, this is my goto book, oh and google helps too.
  2. Revision and Self-Editing – James Scott Bell
  3. Story Engineering – Larry Brooks – His website has several interesting articles that will help you write a tightly-plotted story, including questions that will challenge your character’s motivations and plot.

Helpful articles:

4. How to use Dialect, Slang, Profanity – Writer’s Digest May/June 2013

*there is a secret to cursing well. Too much in your novel reduces the impact. Do not use profanity to disguise poor writing. Think twice if that F-word is really needed in that sentence. This is a great way to improve your writing. Strip away the curse from your sentence and read what is left. Chances are, you’ll want to re-write it anyway.

5. Antagonists & Antiheroes – Writer’s Digest July/August 2013 .

*even the villain deserves some loving. I realized with Fire and Ice, my villains were the typical bad guys through and through. Almost caricatures. So I decided to experiment with Silver Fire and delve into the psychology of the villain further. Yes, I skeeved myself out. One thing to remember, antagonists are people too. Excited to craft the big bad for Guardians #3.

6. Character Development – Writer’s Digest novel writing Yearbook Summer 2013. This collection of articles, sort of like a whole workbook for writing your novel, is a gem to help you craft your final draft. I also liked the grammatically speaking article which gives 50 tips to make your grammar stronger. The very first one: Avoid multiple exclamation points!!!! Actually, it also cautions against using even a single exclamation point unless for a true exclamation.


Military Ops romances

I’ve been on a military ops kick lately and I’ve gone through much of Cindy Gerard’s books and some of Lora Leigh. So I’m bringing you my favorites of the bunch. First up. With No Remorse – Cindy Gerard Loved, loved this book. I loved this book. The story, the writing and Luke Colter. I’ve been curious about Luke “Doc Holliday” Colter’s story since Risk No Secrets when he suffered an almost fatal gut shot. Ever since his near-death-experience, Luke believed he’s lost the edge and when some incident happens on a train he had felt like bailing instead of facing the bad guys head on feeling and thought that someone else should play the hero. But, you can never keep an good man down and Luke comes through and puts his life at risk to save a boy … which turns out to be Valentina – an international supermodel whose one name is synonymous with Beyonce and Madonna —instantly recognizable. Funny thing is Luke’s alway been a big fan so this is like a dream come true except bad guys are after her. I found the plot very interesting and it did not lose my interest at all. Sometimes […]