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Silver Fire an extended epilogue – Free

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Silver File Extended Sml


As the couple leave for their honeymoon, Derek’s past ghosts threaten to ruin their idyllic time on the beautiful island of Maui. Is Sophie’s love enough to reassure Derek that she belongs to him forever, or would his jealousy end their marriage before it has a chance to begin?

*Warning: This book is not a standalone and follows the events of Silver Fire. Explicit sex scenes. 9,600 words.

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Silver Fire an extended epilogue




The Evan Arden Trilogy

For fans of romantic suspense and badass alpha males, move this trilogy to the top of your TBR (to-be-read) list. Shay Savage had been on my radar since Surviving Raine and she doesn’t disappoint with this series. I have never loved such a damaged hero such as Evan Arden. I mean, how could I love someone who is a hit man for the mob? He’s on the wrong side of the law! The second book, Otherwise Occupied doesn’t have much romance in it, in that the heroine doesn’t appear for much of the book, but she is constantly at the back of Evan’s mind. There may be some objectionable scenes—read my goodreads review here—and it was difficult for me to read but I got over it, especially after I got to the third book, Otherwise Unharmed, which is why I like to read a series when it is complete. Five stars for the entire series. Otherwise Unharmed review Shay Savage has become my favorite author this year. Surviving Raine was one of my top reads, and now so is Otherwise Unharmed. I love her heroes. They straddle the lines of morality which make them compelling characters. I don’t think there […]

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