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I have a Newsletter!

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I thought I’d have a few reviews for you all by now, but my reading streak hasn’t been good. Some books that I’d anticipated turned flat. I only post about books that are 3.5 stars or more to keep this site positive!

Anyway, I’m working on a list of my all-time favorite alpha males. Also, I know I tend to disappear into my writing world. That ends now! I’d love to keep in touch with readers if only to chat about books.

I’ve launched the sign-up for my Newsletter. I plan to publish one a month or at least every quarter. I will also have fun giveaways for every newsletter which could be Amazon gift cards up to $50. Who wouldn’t want more books, right?


Review: High Voltage

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I was excited for this book, so I pre-ordered and woke up early (5:30 am) and skipped my workout to to read it. LoL!
I’m really torn on how to rate it. The first 30%, I wasn’t too optimistic that I was going to like this installment. I felt there was too much internal monologue—and it could be a personal thing, because I’m not a fan of this. But then the book picked up and I couldn’t put it down. I did stumble some along the way. The interruption of one chapter shifting to a different scene when there was anticipation of action at the end of the previous one somehow messed with the momentum. Also, I felt Dani and Ryodan’s relationship jumped to a declaration of love too fast, I was taken aback. If Ryodan wasn’t such a badass, I would have thought it was too emo-boy and sort of out of character. However, I was thrilled with Dani’s transformation to her ultimate potential. I thought that storyline went very well.
So, I would say 3 stars for 50% and then 5 stars for the rest for a 4 star average rating.
What I didn’t like:
Highlight for spoiler: * The reason I love this series is because I’m intrigued by the nine. For them to be missing for 30% of the book was disappointing especially when nothing was really happening. *End Spoiler*

This series is not finished. There’s still a war brewing. We do get closure with Dani and Ryodan’s relationship arc, unless something else happens in future books.


On Writing Captive Lies

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Captive Lies was a “turning point” book. I wanted to explore my writing voice, to see where I could improve and to figure out what could be holding me back. I have always written what I wanted which was why quitting my day job wasn’t in my immediate future. 😉

Let me backtrack a bit. Writing Fire & Ice started out as an accident. I’d been reading about amazing alpha male heroes but they were always getting paired with doormat heroines and I got frustrated. Out of that frustration, I wrote the first five chapters of F&I and sent it to my friend and forgot about it. A couple of weeks later, she emailed me back and asked me where the rest of the manuscript was. And I thought, really? Someone wanted to read it? I went ahead plotting and writing the rest of it, googling editors and sending it off to one I found. No way was I publishing unedited work. I got good feedback as well as critique. I had a male editor, and he thought Jack was a wooden character, but he liked Maia and my plot was well-paced. Made some adjustments and the rest, as they say, was history.

I’ve always liked to tinker with a character’s story arc, but I noticed I always followed what was the “trend.” I’ve ventured into dark and twisty with Deadly Obsession, but that hesitation to go darker than I was comfortable with curtailed some of its storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how it turned out, but I knew I could have explored it more, but would I be writing “me?”

Then I wrote the alpha-hole that was Matt in Saving Grace. Could I have made him more of an asshole or did I hesitate because I didn’t want readers to hate him so much? Or maybe his arc was a bit too contrived? Maybe a bit, but that was where my editor and betas came in and I think he’s still an asshole but he’s my lovable asshole. 😉

I was learning throughout my writing journey, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was learning.

Makes sense?

Then came clarity.

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