Bombshell Spoilers

OW – drama

Before the hero and heroine are a couple, he still sleeps with OW. They are strippers in the a strip joint he manages. On page sex.
One of the OW tells the heroine hero thinks she’s a disappointing lay and it causes the heroine to self harm. She already has this issue and is part of her backstory.

Hero’s ex comes back and causes problems. She is the one that broke his heart and made him a manhoe. Heroine sees text from her that they spent the night together. Hero brushes her concerns off, but we find out later why and it’s valid but he should have handled it better given her self-harm issues.

Hero’s ex confronts heroine and gaslights her. This causes heroine to be in her head and she gets hit by a car. Hero is so torn up.


Hero tells some of his MC members that the heroine is slow. This was a misconception he had when she was younger. Heroine is his sister’s bestfriend.