Title: The Princess and the Mercenary
Published by: Victoria Paige Books
Release Date: May 21, 2019
Pages: 335

It was hate at first sight.

She is the daughter of rock royalty.

He is a scarred, grumpy former Green Beret.

She thinks he’s an amoral, uncouth soldier of fortune.

He thinks she’s a limelight-grabbing goody two-shoes.

When Yara Emerson embarks on a humanitarian mission to Yemen, her company hires a security team for her protection.

Everything is business as usual until she meets Kade Spear.

Kade wants nothing to do with daddy’s spoiled princess, but he needs the cover of the humanitarian mission to hunt down a terrorist.

Wills clash.

Tempers flare. 

But their unwanted attraction burns hotter than the Yemeni desert. 

Trust fractures.

Friendships break.

The aid mission unravels and danger comes after Yara from every corner.

Could the man who betrayed her be her only hope for survival?

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