Her Covert Protector

  • Contemporary Romance

  • Age Gap,
  • Secret Baby

  • RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2021

    His skill at evading the enemy may not apply to a broken condom.

    John Garrison is a master of disguise.
    He’s as skilled at slipping into cover identities as he is at avoiding personal attachments.
    So when a sexy, brainy crime analyst challenges his life as a spy, the urge to run is as strong as
    his hunger for a sinful taste.

    Nadia Powell is a geek at heart.
    Solving the latest cybercrime and binge-watching her favorite series are satisfying ways to win at life.
    But when a bossy CIA officer barges into her comfy existence, the urge to push him away becomes
    an ache to reel him in for more than just a kiss.

    When Nadia’s current case escalates into a national security threat, John recruits her into his own covert op.
    He’s always one step ahead. She hates surprises.
    So, when their fiery attraction explodes into a complex web of lust and feelings,
    they both question who they are.
    Fate has a way of thwarting their best laid plans.

    * A full-length romantic suspense novel with a happily-ever-after that can be read as a standalone.

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