Protecting Stella

  • Contemporary Romance

  • Military

  • RELEASE DATE: May 12, 2020

    For police officer Stella Hunt, a routine patrol ends when a roadside encounter brings her face to face with a dangerous stranger. Shots are fired and, in the ensuing bloody mess, she’s catapulted into a world of conspiracy and hate.

    Former Navy SEAL Jake Banning is having a bad day. A covert op gone sideways means the only way to live another day is to abduct a cop. What he hadn’t counted on was his heart getting hijacked by the fiery officer with mesmerizing blue eyes.



    Lines are crossed and emotions become blurred.

    Jake’s actions put a target on Stella’s back.

    And when the price of freedom becomes too high, she must decide whether to leave or stay.

    As for Jake, the mission was everything before Stella.

    Now salvaging the op is secondary to protecting her at all costs.

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