Scorned Heir

  • Contemporary Romance

  • Billionaire,
  • Fake Dating,
  • Forced Proximity,
  • Mafia,
  • Marriage of Convenience,
  • Morally Gray,
  • Organized Crime,
  • Vigilante Justice

  • RELEASE DATE: September 26, 2023

    She’s about to fake-date the bad boy of Manhattan.

    Seraphina Moretti is half-in-love with her best friend’s brother.
    An arranged marriage is in her future and the groom is not the object of her affection.
    But then the devil of Wall Street whispers in her ear.
    Telling her to follow her heart, that the unrequited love she’s feeling is reciprocated.
    She just needs to use a ploy as old as time.

    Matteo De Lucci will use subterfuge to get what he wants.
    And what he wants is to prevent a union between two families that would make a powerful organization unstoppable.
    The key was through Sera’s affection for his business partner.
    And fake-dating Sera is the path to his endgame.

    When the enemy makes a bold move, the lines between what is real and what is fake start to blur.
    Sera begins to crave the man she shouldn’t be falling for.
    And Matteo starts to get possessive over a woman who has feelings for another.
    When all their families weigh in, marriage between them might be inevitable.
    But would it be fake or real?

    *A standalone billionaire-mafia romance

    Scorned Heir Content Warnings and Triggers

    • Profanity and sexually explicit scenes
    • On page violence: shoot outs and death by car.
    • Not on page: backstory mention of an uncle who committed suicide, violence to pregnant women that caused a miscarriage.

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