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Book Slump Remedies

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We’ve all had them. The dreaded book slump. The ones where even our reliable go-to authors don’t work. The three books mentioned here were my best reads this past month in a crowd of just-okay books.

Worth The Fall ~ I was pleasantly surprised how this worked for me. The premise shouldn’t have worked. I woman who is pregnant with 4 kids in tow. It help that the hero was a Navy SEAL. I was sucked in from the first word.

* My Goodreads review


Black Lies ~ Alessandra Torre is a hit or miss for me. Some times her angst is such a mind f*ck that just doesn’t work for me. But the original plot in this one, although far fetched had me applauding the risks she took with this one. If you’re not one with many triggers, and if you’d read anything, I recommend you give this a try. It’s best to go in blind, and even if you think you’ve hit one of your triggers, I advice to keep on reading.

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The Hook Up ~ the title and the cover doesn’t do justice to the story. I do not read much new  adult nowadays, but the couple in this one certainly had a more mature connection. I was pleasantly surprised and I enjoyed the writing. No over-the-top contrived drama. Thank God!

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Fun reads and the Alpha mal..

I’ve been waiting forever for Julie James’s book, It Happened One Wedding and it did not disappoint. This book was entirely too much fun and so well-written with the witty dialogue, it left me in a feel-good coma. What a way to yank me out of a reading slump! If you are looking for a gritty book, this is not it. If you are looking for a hero with a dark past that can’t get into a relationship, this is not it. If you are looking for an angsty read caused by stupid miscommunication, this is not it. The plot of “It happened one wedding” is nothing new—a player not looking for a long-term relationship and a woman who had been burned by a past relationship and is hell-bent on looking for Mr. Right—however, the author’s flawless writing and her knack for witty banter will guarantee you an easy read that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear until your jaw hurts. I should know . . . that’s what happened to me. 🙂There was a point when Sidney and Vaughn frustrated me, I mean I wanted to scream into my e-Reader and say “Are you two so freaking blind? You’re […]


Last Breath – Dirty-t..

I haven’t posted about books I’ve read in a while. I’ve read mostly 4-star books, some were just missing the final oomph to make it a 5-star read. However, I’d like to introduce my favorite book boyfriend this year. Yes, I’m cheating on my guys Jack, Derek, Viktor and Travis … but I think they’ll like Daniel. Because he’s as badass just as they are . . . and quite the dirty talker. This is the second book of the Hitman series. I didn’t like the first book so much, Last Hit, but Last Breath simply blew me away with the action and badass alpha male. Review posted also on Goodreads. FIVE awesome stars! I wasn’t a fan of the first book which had a great story, but I didn’t like Nick or Daisy much. However I found myself liking Daniel and I was curious with what happened to Regan. I am not a fan of the sex-slave trope because frequently the heroines are so horribly scarred and broken the book becomes a hard read for me. Regan was not broken, she had a lot of fight left in her when Daniel finds her. She has a fear of being […]

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Military Ops romances

I’ve been on a military ops kick lately and I’ve gone through much of Cindy Gerard’s books and some of Lora Leigh. So I’m bringing you my favorites of the bunch. First up. With No Remorse – Cindy Gerard Loved, loved this book. I loved this book. The story, the writing and Luke Colter. I’ve been curious about Luke “Doc Holliday” Colter’s story since Risk No Secrets when he suffered an almost fatal gut shot. Ever since his near-death-experience, Luke believed he’s lost the edge and when some incident happens on a train he had felt like bailing instead of facing the bad guys head on feeling and thought that someone else should play the hero. But, you can never keep an good man down and Luke comes through and puts his life at risk to save a boy … which turns out to be Valentina – an international supermodel whose one name is synonymous with Beyonce and Madonna —instantly recognizable. Funny thing is Luke’s alway been a big fan so this is like a dream come true except bad guys are after her. I found the plot very interesting and it did not lose my interest at all. Sometimes […]


New Adult Romances ~ Off Se..

Finally, I have some great new adult romances for you. Sawyer Bennett always delivers and I’ve got two for you: Off Course ~ Sawyer Bennett I LOVED this book. The author had struck every chord on my wish list. I like that the heroine Renner was not a push over. And Cillian with his rockstar good looks, well he is a rockstar, absolutely sizzles with Alpha male goodness who sees what he wants and goes for it. Renner is a bit gun-shy on the relationship bandwagon having suffered humiliation and the loss of her job in her previous one, but our man is persistent almost to the point of stalking. Don’t we all just love them that way in fantasy land anyway? So our man finally wears our girl down and the sex, when it happens, was explosive — as in tear your clothes off explosive. All should be good and coast along right? But no. There is one chink in this relationship and I’m not a big fan of the evil ex-girlfriend as a romance trope but in this case it worked to provide just the right angst. Though in the beginning I understand how Cillian feels it’s his […]

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Pamela Clare I-Team series

Are you tired of all the cliffhangers? Well, here’s a great series to read. I read this backwards. I started with Breaking Point. My review is here. Naked Edge When I read about Gabe’s fearless stuntman antics in Breaking Point, I just had to read his book. I’m glad I did! Gabe is we they call a rock jock and adrenaline junkie. He’s also sworn off love and marriage and prefers to have meaningless sex. This was because his fiancee died three years ago but there was a little mystery regarding the circumstances of her death. Kat is part Navajo and I really liked her. I usually do not like a damsel in distress but she has her own strengths and I like how she could see through Gabe’s BS. She does not want casual sex and is saving herself for her “other half.” Which doesn’t make Gabe a candidate at all. Gabe wants to protect Kat from whoever is trying to kill her and the situation throws them together. Excellent sexual tension and what a climatic ending. Also a great read was  Extreme Exposure. This was the first of the series, and Kara McMillian is a hard-nosed investigative reporter […]


Super Alphas

    MacRieve. More like 4.5 stars. Once again, Kresley Cole gives us one sexy lykae in Macrieve. He was seriously messed up not only from his involvement in his parents death but also from his stint at the Order’s research facility. With no one to seek revenge on, he couldn’t wish sooner for death. Enter Chloe Todd and I’m stating right here if it wasn’t for the strength of the heroine I would have hated this book. Because Macrieve really tested my patience and I wanted to scream at him to get over it: “you’re a 900-year old Lykae for heaven’s sake.” I loved, loved Chloe and my heart ached for her almost for the entire book, but she was such a breath of fresh air. The way she handled herself in the face of Macrieve’s assholeness will have you rooting for her the entire time. He wasn’t an asshole in the beginning, you could actually see how sweet he was after finding his mate, but something happened that made him turn against Chloe and he was almost cruel to her. Grrr, I almost wanted to reach into my e-reader and wring his neck. I wanted to scream at Chloe “Make him […]


Breaking Point and Officer ..

I always like reading about men-in-uniform. They’re my favorite alphas, there’s something swoon-worthy about a man who can protect his woman, don’t you think?   Breaking Point ~ Pamela Clare This is my first book I read from this author and I loved it. You could tell that the book was well-researched. Although there were parts where I thought there were too much information, I think as a reader you can choose to read or to skim, I did not think it affected my enjoyment of the story because there is plenty of interesting plot and action. I do like how badass Zach McBride was, so yes there is violence but it’s expected with this genre. I also loved Natalie, she could take care of herself when she needed to. There were interesting secondary characters but what stood out for me was the bromance between Marc and Julian. The conflict ending was very climatic and the epilogue satisfying. Officer Off Limits ~ Tessa Bailey I was looking for a fun quick read and I saw one of my friends on GR reading a new Tessa Bailey book. I mean, how did I not know about this? Anyway, the author is […]


Beneath the Fire now Availa..

Get your copy now on Amazon! Blurb: A new adult romance featuring a hot alpha hero and a shot of adrenalin. This novella has everything you want for a quick read: no filler, all action, intrigue and steamy scenes. Lucy Cortez is a model college student. She makes good grades, attends her study groups regularly and stays out of trouble in school. Nathan Stark is the new hotshot star of their college’s lacrosse team. He is over six-feet of lethal charm and his sapphire blue eyes can make any girl swoon. They meet cute and fall for each other. They live happily ever after, right? Wrong. Beneath the fire of their passion, lurks a tangle of lies and deceit. Was theirs a chance encounter or a premeditated meeting? For Nathan isn’t exactly who he says he is and Lucy herself is full of secrets—dangerous secrets. Unless they trust each other with the truth of who they are, the tenuous bond of young love may be broken and lives hanging in the balance may be shattered forever. Warning: Strong sexual content, language and violent situations. For ages 18+. Other information: 25,700 words about 91 pages. Standalone novella set in the Guardians […]


Badass Alpha Reads: Survivi..

I know I said I was going to have a review of Entwined with You this week, unfortunately 20% into the book, I’ve realized that I’ve grown weary of Gideon and Eva’s relationship. I don’t know if it was because I’ve heard there were going to be five books. Yes, five! I’ve skimmed most of the book and I could tell there were a lot of hot sexy scenes—which I skipped! So I don’t think I can give an honest review of the book. Many found it really good, unfortunately the series is not for me anymore. {Sigh and there goes $9.99 down the drain.} However … Oh. My. God. Just when I thought I was in a reading slump, I read a book that just knocked me off of my ass. I laughed, I cursed, I rolled my eyes, you name it. I had every reaction. What is this book? Surviving Raine. Warning: I’m not sure how to classify this book if this would work as New Adult, the heroine is 20 years old and our hero is 29. It’s also not for everyone, because Sebastian Stark is what you would call an anti-hero. He has a very dark […]