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There be growling

When a book like Silver Fire has to juggle three over-the -top Alpha males (Derek, Jack and Viktor) and then some, I can’t help but use the word “growled” in a lot of dialogues. How else can you say: “You’re … Continue reading

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To Outline or Not to Outline

It’s the middle of April and spring is in full swing! How is your writing? For me, I’ve written five action-filled chapters of Silver Fire and I am taking a step back. I’m taking a break before I take a … Continue reading

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The Importance of Content Editing

After I got my manuscript back from my editor, I noticed that most of his corrections were my inconsistencies of when to spell out numbers. There is no fixed rule about this, I think it is largely dependent on the … Continue reading

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Use the best word

When I become interested in something, it almost becomes an obsession. I read/buy books, I buy the best tools—everything needs to be top-notch—I try to go to classes when I could. Fortunately, in novel writing, you just need your writing … Continue reading

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