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Excerpts: Fire and Ice

Excerpt #1 : Fire and Ice by Victoria Paige “You ready?” Jack asked Maia. He had her left arm bent at the elbow at 90 degrees. He was standing so close, she could smell his after-shave. She hung onto his clean scent to prepare for the unpleasant business of popping her dislocated joint back into place. Maia nodded. Then Jack without further warning rotated the shoulder and arm outward coaxing the joint back into place. “Ah! Damn!” Maia hissed through her teeth, her eyes watered as her badly-abused shoulder slid back into its socket. “I hate when that happens.” Her whisper was strangled. “I know, babe.” Maia felt Jack’s lips on her hair. Did he just kiss her hair? His arms came around her in a gentle hug. God, she hated to move away from the circle of his warmth, feeling so secure in a strange way. But she remembered who and what she was and squirmed out of his arms. “Er … thanks, Jack.” “No problem. You may want to put that in a sling for a while.” Derek was working on the files on Maia’s laptop. “Almost done! Shoulder back to normal?” “Yup” “I see you’ve been working […]

Posted April 21, 2013
Fire and Ice, Guardian Series

The Guardian Series

My debut novel, Fire and Ice is the first book of the Guardian Series. The Guardian series is about an elite team of operatives who works for or have worked for Artemis Guardian Services (AGS). AGS or simply “The Guardians” as they are known by most of their clients, specializes in small team surgical incursions: K and R (kidnap and ransom), DoD covert ops that are too politically high-risk, Corporate Security Enforcement (usually involving questionable and deadly force), and protective custody detail outsourced by the US Marshals Service. The books can be described as action-thriller, but the romance is intricately woven into the story. Each book deals with different couples, it is not a three book romance centering on one couple. Each book will also deal with a different ‘baddie’. The Guardian series is not for every one. This book is not for you if: you don’t like strong language. The characters in this book are gritty, most of them come from the military like the Navy SEALs or Special Forces. you do not like explicit sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong, this is far from erotica After several conversations with my friends, this is indeed erotica, however, the sex scenes are […]

Posted April 10, 2013
Fire and Ice, Guardian Series, Silver Fire

Fire and Ice Giveaway!

Fire and ice is now available on Amazon ! In celebration of the book launch, I am giving away 5 Amazon Gift Cards worth $10 each and 5 Kindle ebooks of Fire and Ice (redeemable only at Amazon). Winners will be announced on April 6. There are several opportunities to gain entries into the raffle: 1. Tweet about the giveaway. 2. ‘Like’ Victoria Paige Books on Facebook, if you are already a fan you still can get the additional entries by simply clicking “I’m a Fan”. 3. Follow @vpaigebooks on twitter 4. Leave a comment on how you found out about the giveaway. Follow the link below to enter: Click here for the Fire and Ice Giveaway

Posted April 3, 2013
Fire and Ice

First Look: Fire and Ice

  It’s here! The book cover for my upcoming novel, Fire and Ice, available April 9, 2013. Stay tuned for promotional news. Blurb: Maia Pierce, a top agent for Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) and a widely known rule breaker, was good at her job. In her last mission, her risk-taking had finally caught up with her and she had now incurred the wrath of a Russian drug lord bent on destroying her. With assassins after her, one man had offered her his protection. But Jack McCord may be an other kind of danger, a danger to her heart.Jack McCord had everything: a thriving defense company, sinful good looks and no shortage of beautiful women. But what he coveted the most didn’t want anything to do with him. Maia Pierce, his brother’s bodyguard, was the most exquisite creature he had ever laid eyes on and he wanted her. And when Maia got into trouble he saw an opportunity to finally seduce her and he is not taking no for an answer. As they face-off with Russian mercenaries from the North Carolina coast to the depths of the Russian wilderness, they also finally face what may be in their hearts. But the […]

Posted April 2, 2013
Fire and Ice