A Love For Always

  • Contemporary Romance

  • Military,
  • Second Chance

  • RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2015

    He’s determined to get out of the friend zone, once and for all.

    Nathan Reece is a serial dater. Despite his reputation, women can’t seem to resist the challenge to make him commit. But the problem isn’t Nate’s ability to commit. The problem is he’s already given his heart to the girl who got away–twice.

    Sylvie Yoshida.

    Years ago, Nate and Sylvie had a steamy no-strings-attached affair that ended when his covert ops duties called, and Sylvie’s ambitions to become a chef got in the way. Not willing to give each other up, they agreed to a platonic relationship.

    When Nate quit the Agency with plans to claim his woman, he again became a victim of bad timing. Sylvie had found someone else, and it was looking more and more likely he was destined to remain in the friend zone forever.

    Until fate intervened.

    But there’s a catch.

    His lady love has found herself entangled with the Asian mafia.

    Will Nate be able to save her? More than one life is at stake, and he must tread carefully between secrets and truth and his duty to country and the woman he loves.

    * Mature audience only, 18 and above. Could be read as a standalone. No cliffhanger.

    Trigger Warning for A Love For Always

    • Not Safe (This could be long separation and relationship with other people)

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