Most of my books before my latest series Scorned Fate, are romantic suspense where the romance and suspense are split 50/50 in plot.

I suggest starting with the Rogue Protector series for romantic suspense.

Scorned Fate is more contemporary, and the emphasis is on the romance. It’s heavy on the mafia and billionaire elements of fake dating, arranged marriages, and marriage of convenience.

If you love a series devoted to second chances, Always is for you.

Misty Grove is a small-town romantic suspense with sci-fi elements.

Guardians is a romantic suspense based on my love of the TV series 24, so expect a thrilling romance amidst high-stakes action. The first book in the series and my debut novel, Fire and Ice, has an iconic scene popular on TikTok.

You can print the reading order here.

For cross-over characters, check the series multiverse map.

Ah, the POV question.

Scorned Fate is in 1st-person dual

De Lucci Obsession is in 1st-person dual

Rogue Protectors
Books 1 to 4 are in 3rd person dual
Book 5 is in 1st-person dual.

Misty Grove
Book 1 is in 3rd person dual
Book 2 and 3 are in 1st person heroine, 3rd person hero

Captive Lies is in 1st person heroine, 3rd person hero

All the books published before 2022 that are not in the above list are 3rd person POV.

Whew! I do plan to write 1st-person dual POV going forward.

It takes me around four to five months to write a book. I start with a messy first draft. I’m a minimum three draft writer and depending on the complexity of the book, I may even get to four. I do not use alpha readers. My first draft is closed-door because I do not want any outside influence as I’m figuring out my story. After the first draft, I put it away and let it marinate for at least 2 to 4 weeks. I try to plot the next book or recharge my idea compost heap by bingeing on Netflix or books.

After it has rested, it’s time for the second draft. After I’ve gotten the plot and character arcs the way I want them. I send it to a pre-edit beta or development editor. I apply their changes. Afterwards, it’s off to the editor. Then depending again on the complexity of the book, I have another beta and sensitivity reader look at it.

My goal is to publish at least three books a year. But I will never rush a book. Character arc, banter, and pacing are very important to me. I will not put up a preorder without a first draft in hand because it stresses me out and I end up not being able to write.

I’m both. More plotter than pantser. But in all my years of writing, I know my characters will have a mind of their own and they will never follow an outline. I love craft classes and my favorite books on writing are: On Writing by Stephen King, Anatomy of Story by John Truby, and Save The Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody.

Learn the craft. Read a lot and read widely. Not everyone will love your books and be prepared for criticism and bad reviews, but it is important you find your own voice and you write you. Learn which advice to take and what goes against your instinct. I recommend reading On Writing by Stephen King and go from there.

Declan never cheated with Gabby’s stepmom.

Gabby did cheat on Declan when they were young. Although she never went through with sex, I still consider it cheating.

Theo is Gabby and Declan’s son.

Cesar did not cheat.

Luca never cheats. Slight OW in that she appears to pursue Luca but he doesn’t reciprocate and puts her in her place when the book opens. And no, Luca did not invite her to the wedding. The OW gatecrashed the wedding. At no point in the book did he go to any event with the OW as his date or escort her around.