De Lucci’s Obsession Release Page

There was no escape when a De Lucci became obsessed.

RELEASE DATE: February 21, 2022

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All Ava McGrath wanted to do was save her family’s pub.

Even if that meant facing her best friend’s older brother.

But Cesar De Lucci wasn’t the man she remembered from long ago.

He’d become temptation in a three-piece Italian suit.

His piercing gaze unsettled her while each encounter with him stole her breath.

But Cesar’s shady connections to the mob might be Ava’s road to ruin.

The underworld tore her family apart, and her father still paid the price.

Ava should run.

Run far, far away.

Away from the insanity, intensity, and the reckless feelings spiraling between them.

Before the taste of his obsession becomes her addiction.