Misty Grove

Do you like to read small-town romances? How about one with a twist where the residents are a little more? This series has science-fiction themes, so I allowed myself to go crazy with the possibilities. If you’re willing to let me lead you to the unexpected, hop on for the ride. There are two secret-baby tropes in this series, and if you think it’s your typical situation, think again. ?

The meeting between Trent Stone and Cassie Reed was quite unique.  It was a scene I couldn’t wait to put into words. When the sheriff of this county was murdered, all investigations lead to the small town of Misty Grove. This town has big secrets and it’s about to get blown wide open.

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I love to write amnesia stories and I always find an excuse to include it in a plot. That trope fitted perfectly for what I had in mind for Matt’s story. He’s an unapologetic asshole and the challenge was giving him a believable redemption. He’s said some awful things to Grace and he does have his reasons for why he treated her that way. Plus, there’s a delicious secret baby twist here.

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Colt and Kate’s book is one of unrequited love. Readers are intrigued by what went down between them all those years ago. Reading book 1 is not necessary because I gave a recap in this book. However, I still recommend reading FIGHTING CHANCE because the secret of this small town is what makes this series unique.

It took me a while to come up with a storyline for this couple. I ended up writing Captive Lies first because I wanted to give Colt and Kate an epic story and it wasn’t coming to me. I was very happy I waited for when my creative muse gave me the inspiration for their romance.

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