My 5-star reads of 2013

Here are some of the books/series I’ve given 4.5~5 star ratings to.  I’ve read over 200 books since I started reading on my Ipad in May, 2012. When I remember, I rate them on Goodreads.

What keeps me interested in a book?

1. Great Characters – do they have grit? There’s a reason I like Alpha male characters. No, I do not want them to be a generic cut-out arrogant ass. The back story has to be good which is why I like many of Kristen Ashley’s characters. However, I also want them to show a tender side especially to the heroine. Most of the heroines I included in my favorite paranormal/urban fantasy reads are kickass and sassy. I hate heroines who have no backbone and let the male lead walk all over them.

2. Great Banter – some people like to read descriptions. I want a great dialogue.

3. Minimal filler chapters

4. The plot of course! What’s becoming a trend are these trilogies that really should have been one book. So little plot, too many scenes repeated over and over that you wonder if there was even a point in the book.

I do have a confession. Some of these books I read are so angst-y, I know they’re really bad plot-wise, and I really hate the characters, but i couldn’t stop reading … and then I eventually hate myself for wasting time on those books. Those are frequently my 3 star reads on Goodreads.