Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Here are some of the books/series I’ve given 4.5~5 star ratings to.  I’ve read over 200 books since I started reading on my Ipad in May, 2012. When I remember, I rate them on Goodreads.

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Shadow Fever
Shadow Fever

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

I came across Karen Marie Moning’s books through her Highlander series. I was very intrigued with the Paranormal aspect that she had incorporated especially starting with the books of the twins Drustan and Daegus, Kiss of the Highlander  and Dark Highlander respectively. However it was her Immortal Highlander that had me falling in love with the fae prince—Adam Black. In Immortal Highlander, we get introduced more intricately into the world of the Tuatha Dé Danaan—a highly advanced race of immortal beings that settled in Ireland thousands of years before the birth of Christ and are known as Fae (not fairy, because that sounds tinkerbellish). We are also introduced to the Sidhe-seer—a person that Fae magic does not work on and is capable of seeing past the glamour or illusion cast by a Fae to see its true nature. These two beings play an important role in the Fever Series.

I was hesitant to read the Fever series at first because I was not into Urban Fantasy then. But I kept on hearing about Barrons, that he was the ultimate Alpha male. Heck, he even won an Alpha Showdown against the best of the Paranormal beings in fiction. Well, let me just say, when I did finish the Fever series, even after reading tons of books afterwards, there is no greater Alpha than one Jericho Barrons. At the beginning, the reader is left with the question “Who exactly is Jericho Barrons?” Well, sometime between Book 2 and Book 5, the question morphs into “What the feck is Jericho Barrons?” Anyway, the heroine, MacKayla Lane was very  likable, but in these books, it was Barrons who kept the intrigue going. The order of the Five books in the fever series are: Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever & Shadowfever.

The novels are about the quest for the SinSar Dubh, a book belonging to the Tuatha Dé Danaan which contains the deadliest magic within its encrypted pages. It contains the spell of unmaking which can destroy the world by well … unmaking it. Several factions are after the book: The Seelie (fairer court of fae), the Unseelie (dark court of fae), Barrons who mentors and uses Mac to look for the book(Mackayla Lane is a Sidhe-seer who has the power to sense Fae objects), The Mackeltars (from the Highlander series), and a group of Sidhe-seers. Throughout the series you are kept guessing who the good guys are. Is Barrons a good guy, are the Seelie? What is Barrons? 🙂

A Hunger Like no Other
A Hunger Like No Other

Immortals after Dark by Kresley Cole

Don’t ask me how fast I devoured all of Kresley Cole’s Immortals after Dark books. She writes sexy Lykae werewolves so well. A Hunger like no Other  is about a Lykae, Lachlan who finally finds his mate in half-vampire, half-valkyrie Emma. Vampires, as always, are the sworn enemies of werewolves, so the plot is nothing new, but it’s  given a new spin and I could read this book over and over. Though there are secondary characters, the relationship of the hero/heroine is the main focus.

The Kiss of the Demon King was my other five star read from Kresley Cole. Rhydstrom Woede is a handsome seven-foot demon of lean muscle, kingly arrogance,  and deep pockets—what’s not to love? He has been looking for his mate for over a thousand years and when he finally meets her, she isn’t what he had expected but more. 😉

I loved the heroine in this book. A LOT.  The wily sorceress Sabine. I guess that’s why this book worked for me. I love my Alpha males, but I do not want them trampling over their mate.

Other Immortals after Dark books of note are: Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s night (Bowen and Mariketa’s book), Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Garreth and Lucia), Demon in the Dark (Malkom and Carrow), Lothaire (Elizabeth and Lothaire).

This series is building up to an event called the Ascension. It happens every 500 years and it is a time when all creatures of the Lore are called to fight on the side of good or evil.

Other notable Paranormal/Urban Fantasy I enjoyed (5 stars on GoodReads)

Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1) Larissa Ione – It’s about the Seminus(incubus) demon brothers who work in a Paranormal hospital (No, it’s not like Grey’s Anatomy meet True Blood). Seminus demons are sex demons, but before you think this is just another erotica, it is not. The author has created an interesting world of a society of human warriors dedicated to the protection of the world from evil. And not all the humans are the good guys. The first three books are about each brother reaching S’genesis— a final maturation cycle that occurs at 100 years. If they are not mated by then, they become uncontrollable in their desire for sex and are frequently put down. This book is well-written and yes, though it is not an erotic novel, the sex is hot.

Sin Undone (Demonica #5) Larissa Ione ~ my other favorite of the Demonica Series. Sin is the only known female Seminus Demon, her power of altering DNA to cause disease has inaverdantly caused a plague that started the Apocalypse. Con is a dhampire, a rare cross between a werewolf and a vampire. Sounds hot? He is. 🙂

Rogue Rider ~(Lords of Deliverance #4) Larissa Ione ~ This book is about Reseph, also known as Pestilence and was the horseman who started the Apocalypse. His journey to absolution and also finding his HEA is at the core of the book. Set in the Demonica World.

Dragon Bound ~ Thea Harrison ~ Alpha male, controlling Dragon shapeshifter who is as old as the earth finally meets his mate—a Wyr that shapeshifts into the most extinct and beloved being of lore —what’s not to love? Welcome to the world of the Elder races. There are the Wyrkind, Elves, both Light and Dark Fae and everything in between. I absolute love Dragos and Pia. Dragos can be an overbearing ass but Pia gave it good right back. Also there were some funny one-liners. Like when Dragos first captured Pia and pinned her to the ground:

Realization pulsed. He was looking at the bite he had given her. A hard length was growing against her hip.

“So, is that your long, scaly, reptilian tail, or are you just happy to see me?”

No, she did not just say that.

Kate Daniel Series Ilona Andrews

This series started slow for me, but it will be remiss of me not to include this as a great paranormal/urban fantasy read. Luckily, I started with book 3 which started really good and I believe was one of the best. Anyway, I went back and started the series. I really love the power struggle between Kate Daniels and the Beast Lord Curran. The compromises they had to make when Kate agreed to be Curran’s mate add humor and an interesting dynamic within the pack. Curran is Alpha of all the shapeshifters and as an Alpha’s mate she had to prove her worth. Interesting secondary characters.

Reading Order: Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Magic Strikes, Magic Bleeds, Magic Slays