Review Policy

I don’t have one because this is not a review blog. I buy all the books I read. I post the reviews of the books that I liked/loved on the blog with ratings between 3.5 and 5. I found that reviewing a book that I didn’t like could cause a backlash by the author’s fans on my own books, and since I’d rather be honest, I don’t rate or review books I deem 3 stars and below. Reading is subjective. There are books that others rave about that I can’t figure out why, and books that others hate that give me a buzz.

My 2018 favorite authors at the moment:

  1. Ilona Andrews
  2. Marie Force (Fatal series)
  3. Jewel E. Ann (although depends on blurb)
  4. Cat Porter
  5. Karen Marie Moning
  6. Lisa Kleypas
  7. Emma Scott
  8. Nina Lane

My favorite genre is romantic suspense or a good urban fantasy like Ilona Andrews‘ Hidden Legacy—my favorite from last year. I also like Contemporary romance with tropes like second chance, particularly marriage in trouble. I try not to read NA, but I get suckered in because I love angst. I love unrequited love if it’s the hero. I do not like it when the heroine chases the hero and definitely do not like doormats. They can be doormats for 25% of the book because it builds the angst. I’m gleeful if the hero is an asshole in the beginning, but I better read a good grovel, but best of all I love to see a hero in relentless pursuit of the heroine. Love triangles and cheating are fine but there better be a believable reason that leads to them.

Please note: My reading habits change all the time. 🙂