Saving Grace is live







Book Blurb:


I awoke amidst chaos.

With no memory or name and no one to trust.

I held the key that could bring down a cartel kingpin.

If only I could remember.

I realized I was a known target to El Segador.

“The Reaper.”

The Mexican cartel’s deadliest hitman.

He toyed with me and bided his time to kill me.

But amnesia and an assassin weren’t the end of my problems.

I was pregnant.

Two men claimed to be the father.

And as I started to remember, I questioned the type of men I had let into my body.

One of them had an agenda.

Despite the other’s current overprotectiveness and caring, my fractured memories revealed a contemptuous asshole.

To save myself and my unborn child, I needed to put my faith in one of them.

But which one?


* Explicit sexual content and strong language. May be read as a standalone.