Scorned Love Character art and teasers

“You better not post that.”

She flashed me a knowing smile.
The minx.
Then she raised her phone and crooked her finger with her free hand.

“No,” I growled.

“Oh, come on, Nico, be my videographer.” 

“No fucking way.”

Her mouth twisted into a smile. I didn’t trust that smile. She pointed the camera at me and started talking. Fuck. She was making a video of me.
I stalked toward her and tried to grab the device out of her hands. Squealed laughter erupted from her and she sprinted away. 

“Ivy.” I injected all the seriousness in my voice. 

“Come on, Nico. Pretty please. You owe me.”
I had no illusions that her sweet voice was for the benefit of the video because her eyes gleamed something else. Mischief. Payback. If her goal was to drive me out of my mind, then she was succeeding.

“Owe you for what? And you better not post that.”
I lunged, and she tried to escape me again. I caught her around the waist and hauled her against me. She wiggled that ass against my crotch. Of course I got hard. Since yesterday, every time I thought of Ivy Wu, I got hard. I couldn’t sleep last night because of it and it pissed me off.

He tore his mouth away and snarled, “Wet.”

Before I could say anything, he set me on the table and dragged down my panties. Leaving them dangling on one foot, he dropped to his knees and shoved my legs apart.
Horror had me tensing that he was about to dive in. I dug my fingers into his skull, yanked his head up, and slammed my knees shut. “I need to freshen up.”

“What the fuck?” He glared at me and tightened his grip around my thighs.

“I need to wash.”

“Let go,” he commanded, and I wasn’t sure if he meant let go of his hair or my inhibitions, but he said it in a voice that made me drop my hands from his hair.
My cheeks were flaming, and my lungs couldn’t catch up. Nico was looking at me as if I’d committed a crime.

“I want to taste pussy, not your fancy soap. I want to drown in the smell of arousal I’ve given you. Don’t you dare deny me this. So…can I proceed, princess? Can I show you what it means for a man to eat pussy?”

My lips parted. Oh my God, I’d never been this turned on. If I was wet before, the area between my legs should be a flooding hazard by now. My clit was so swollen, I feared I was going to come with a swipe of his tongue.

He raised an arrogant brow. “I’m waiting, princess.” He tapped the side of my thigh as if scolding me. I bit my lower lip and very slowly parted my legs.
His chest rose and fell, giving me a clue that I was not the only one on edge. He brought his nose closer, and I watched, fascinated as he closed his eyes and breathed me in. My pussy pulsed in response, my butt squirmed, waiting for him to…

He attacked.