Scorned Vows Bonus #1

This deleted spicy scene happens after one of Luca’s training sessions.
Copyright 2024 Victoria Paige


Luca left the mat and prowled toward me. His excess aggression sent a pulsing straight through my pussy, and all his grunting on the mat made me wet. No question, I was about to get laid and laid hard. That was why I left Elias with Martha at the penthouse. 

He stepped straight into me and lifted me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his torso, drenching my core from my arousal and the sweat seeping off him. We were nose to nose with our eyes locked. Oblivious to the heckles and the groans of everyone around us, he stalked toward the locker room. 

There were a few men inside; some with their towels around their hips. The gym was exclusive to Moretti employees and the family, and usually when Ange and Luca sparred, those who were not mafia were not allowed on the premises.

“Everyone out!” he barked.

“Yes, boss.” Was heard all around us.

The stampede toward the door was comical, but oh my God, I was drunk on the alphaness of my powerful husband, and I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me.

He grabbed a clean towel from the rack, set it on the space between the sinks, and sat me on top of it.

“Don’t trust these fuckers when I get you naked. Your skin is not touching anyone’s sweat but mine.”

He pulled me forward and wedged his hips between my legs, tugging on my ponytail, so I had no choice but to look up at him. I was panting with anticipation. I looked between us. The tip of his erection was already pushing out from the band of his shorts.

“You’re such a good girl. You did as you were told and wore a skirt.”

“Easy access,” I panted. I traced his hardness with the palm of my hand.

He groaned and captured my mouth, and while he continued to kiss me, his fingers went under my skirt, under my ass, and yanked my panties down to mid thigh. Breaking the kiss, he dragged them free from my legs. He brought the panties to his nose and inhaled them, closing his eyes. 

I bit my lower lip and scooted back on the counter, opened my legs, and planted my heels on the surface. I hadn’t been this slutty since Paris. Each day, I grew more confident in the art of seduction.

And it worked. Big time.

When Luca opened his eyes to see me laid out in front of him, a savagery flashed across his face and he dove right in.

I cried out the second his tongue touched my pussy. I was wet and primed, and it didn’t take me long to see stars. I used the fist of one hand to muffle my moans. Luca was rough with his mouth, and he nipped with his teeth and went deep with his tongue, swallowing every last drop I gave him. My clit felt swollen and huge.

“I can’t,” I moaned. “Stop … can’t breathe.” 

I didn’t realize my eyes had squeezed shut. When I opened them, I saw his head between my legs, then my gaze lifted to the mirror in front of us. I saw myself, my husband’s powerful body owning me, his hands keeping my thighs spread, and the whole tableau sent another roaring orgasm rippling through me.

I was done. Luca was the reason I hadn’t fallen sideways into the sink.

After torturing me with pleasure, he hauled me against him. He kissed me, giving me a taste of myself, and before I could recover from that too, he impaled me with his cock. The fullness sent a renewed shuddering through my body. He pounded into me over and over, reminding me of the times he treated me like a receptacle instead of someone to treasure. Insecurity had stopped me from exploring that kink, but with our reconnection… 

“You’re drifting off, baby,” he grunted, trying to get me back to whatever space I had floating into.

“I’m feeling so good.”

“One more.”

“I can’t.”

“One. More.” He let go of me and hauled my hips toward him and my ass was barely on the counter. One hand went between us and strummed my clit. He rang another orgasm out of me and I sank my teeth into his shoulder to muffle my scream.

He growled and grunted and came, pumping semen and marking my walls.

When we were done, I was as sweaty as he was. If he thought I had the energy to walk, he was mistaken. I floated in and out of lethargy.
Luca cleaned between my legs. He grabbed another clean towel, wrapped it around me, and carried me out of the locker room.