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Silver Fire ~ Cover Reveal + Excerpt

Silver Fire Sml

Here it is! The cover for Silver Fire! I hope you love it as much as I do. My thanks to Robin Ludwig Design for such a beautiful cover.


What if you hold the blueprint to a device that can destroy an entire city?
Sophie Marie Leroux is a genius nuclear physicist who runs Silver Fire Research, a laboratory that has developed the technology to enrich Zefinium—an element so versatile, it can be used as an infinite power source. It is also rumored to be an alternative to weaponized plutonium. Certain factions want to see that research buried, and the only way to make it happen is to get rid of Sophie. But greed has brought out sinister forces that may just coerce her into building the most lethal weapon since the nuclear bomb.
Derek Lockwood has avoided commitment all his life. His past involvements in high-risk missions with the Army Special Forces and Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) are not exactly building blocks for meaningful relationships. Now an executive for a defense company, he finds himself attracted to his new business partner. An angel with a mind like Einstein—Sophie just may be the one woman who will have him forsake all others.
However, behind Sophie’s brilliant mind lurks a dark past, and Derek will need all his intellectual and sensual expertise to break through her emotional minefield.


*the manuscript is currently being edited and some words/lines may change or be omitted. Also this excerpt contain some sexual content.

Sophie did not want to leave the room. She had not slept at all since her early morning escapade and her body was coiled like the proverbial spring ready for a release. If she was alone on the bed, she would have probably touched herself, but lying beside her friend while doing so just smacked of perversion. Sophie tried to reach release in the bathroom, but she couldn’t quite get there either, which added to her overall frustration.

“I smell coffee, why don’t you go ahead to the kitchen and get me a cup,” Beth said as she made her way to the bathroom to shower.

“I’ll just wait for you. Your coffee will get cold,” Sophie replied as she toweled her hair dry. She thought a cold shower would help, but apparently that only worked on men and had only successfully hardened her nipples into pencil erasers. She was wearing a tank top and no bra, thanks to Beth being a double D to Sophie’s decent B cup. She had a barely-there ass resulting in borrowed cotton shorts hanging loosely around her hips

“What’s wrong with you this morning, you seem so uptight,” Beth said as she stripped and got into the shower. “I’m telling you, baby girl, you need to get laid!”

You are not wrong, Sophie thought.


The smell of bacon assailed her nostrils as Sophie and her friend made their way to the kitchen. Derek was at the stove, cast-iron pan on top, delicious strips of pork rendering their fat, beautifully transforming into fried golden crisps. He briefly glanced up and said, “I hope you girls eat meat. Help yourself to the coffee.”

He poured some batter into the waffle maker.

“Hmm, a man that makes breakfast, what else can you do?” Beth drawled.

A smile played on Derek’s lips as he leveled his gaze at Sophie who felt electricity pass through her. She quickly averted her gaze. What was wrong with her? Why was she behaving like a besotted school girl in front of this man? She felt herself blushing and quickly turned away to pour herself some coffee. Derek transferred the bacon to a paper-lined tray and said, “Sophie, can you hand me another platter for the waffles. They’re right above the cabinet where you are.”

No, she didn’t want to. But Beth was already sniffing blood, being the investigative journalist that she was. She was watching them closely; she knew that look on her friend’s face. Damn, Derek.

“Oooh, I need to make a call,” Beth announced and disappeared back into the bedroom as Sophie was about to hand the platter to Derek. Sophie, staring in panic at the direction her friend had taken, failed to notice Derek moving swiftly toward her. His hand snaked out to grab the plate from her hand and with the other, pulled her to him so her back was flushed to his front.

He clamped his right arm around her breasts while his other hand splayed across her belly. Derek lowered his head, his hot breath fanning her ears. “You like watching, Angel?” he whispered thickly.

He did see her! But Sophie’s first instinct was to deny. “I don’t know…hey!” Derek had clasped her harder, giving her a slight shake.

“Don’t deny it,” Derek rasped as he pushed his hips into her, lowering slightly so she could feel his hardness. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” His playful tone belied his words. Derek trailed his lips down her jaw, sending shivers down her spine; her already sensitive sex spasmed.

“Oh god,” Sophie moaned as intense moisture surged at the apex of her thighs. Derek groaned and spun her around, his mouth tentatively brushing hers, teasing her lips open before deepening the kiss. One hand burrowed under her tank top to caress her bare breast, capturing and rolling her nipple expertly between a thumb and forefinger. His other hand purposely slid down her belly, its destination unmistakable as Sophie felt a thrilling heat rub her pulsating core.

But a pit suddenly twisted in her stomach, sending the dreaded yet familiar bitterness up her throat. Her body froze, overwhelming the warmth and turning her skin cold and clammy. Derek pulled back in time to see the rejection in her eyes.

“What the fuck?” Derek whispered as she jerked herself away. “Sophie…” She shook her head, biting her lower lip to keep it from trembling. Derek had turned her on like no other man since Adam, but the problem remained the same; she still couldn’t bear another man’s touch.

The waffle machine beeped, and Sophie took that opportunity to run back into the guest room. She heard Derek curse and saw him grab what looked like a tong to take the waffles out before they burned.