Smoke and Shadows, Guardians #3

I’ve started writing Smoke and Shadows—Viktor and Marissa’s book. It’s turning out to be an emotional one because Viktor’s backstory is very tragic. Anyway, it’s not all sadness because as I try to figure out how to write him—what he says isn’t exactly what’s going on in his mind and some of his thoughts are hilarious (and sarcastic). 😉

I’ve always had one casting in mind when I think of Viktor, check him out after the jump if you want.


Guardians are getting assassinated. When someone close to Viktor Baran becomes a target, it becomes extremely personal, and he vows a hellfire of a payback. But the enemy has avoided the trappings of the digital web and wisely employs a network of couriers to plan his strikes. With high-tech systems rendered useless, Viktor resorts to old-fashioned cloak and dagger methods to delve deeper into the root of his enemy’s hatred for the Guardians. What will happen when he uncovers a link to a past he is  reluctant to revisit?

Eight years ago, Marissa Cole walked away from the man she loved. New to the CIA’s Clandestine Service then, she was overwhelmed by the intensity of the man who would stop at nothing, no matter how ruthless, to get the job done. “Don’t get involved with the person you work with” has become her motto ever since—until a series of events throws her back into Viktor Baran’s world.

Danger and mayhem are the perfect formula to reignite their passion, but could they keep their feelings out of the equation this time?

For the stakes are too high, and they must battle a growing threat, not only to AGS, but to every government agency critical to the country’s safety. Is targeting the Guardians merely a distraction or is it the first step to the deadly end game of a looming entity determined to rain destruction on the nation’s capital?

Daniel Craig has always been my image of Viktor Baran.