The Evan Arden Trilogy

For fans of romantic suspense and badass alpha males, move this trilogy to the top of your TBR (to-be-read) list. Shay Savage had been on my radar since Surviving Raine and she doesn’t disappoint with this series.

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I have never loved such a damaged hero such as Evan Arden. I mean, how could I love someone who is a hit man for the mob? He’s on the wrong side of the law! The second book, Otherwise Occupied doesn’t have much romance in it, in that the heroine doesn’t appear for much of the book, but she is constantly at the back of Evan’s mind. There may be some objectionable scenes—read my goodreads review here—and it was difficult for me to read but I got over it, especially after I got to the third book, Otherwise Unharmed, which is why I like to read a series when it is complete.

Five stars for the entire series.


Otherwise Unharmed review

Shay Savage has become my favorite author this year. Surviving Raine was one of my top reads, and now so is Otherwise Unharmed. I love her heroes. They straddle the lines of morality which make them compelling characters.
I don’t think there is anyone more fucked up than Evan Arden, and I loved it that we get his POV because it’s irreverent and funny and so politically incorrect. Lia is also a great character and l liked how she stands up to Evan yet remain vulnerable and true to herself. We find out the answers to Evan’s back story and what made him so damaged.

From Otherwise Occupied, we know that Evan gets thrown into jail. He is not sleeping and it’s messing with his judgment until it finally leads him to a breakdown where he shoots up a park—no one gets hurt though.

In all this, Lia comes back to his life. Other forces are at play and the feds have something on him and want him to rat out his mafia boss, Rinaldo. However, nothing can get Evan to betray the man who has almost been a father figure to him so he bargains to give them something else.

Evan doesn’t know how to achieve this at first specially since he needs to keep Lia safe. This is a story about organized crime, how warring mafias try to coexist with each other but how a slight fuse to the situation—in this case Evan—could cause the powder keg to explode.

And explode it did in non-stop action, double-crossing, intrigue, revenge and some heartbreaking moments. I hated what happened at around 84% of the book. I did see it coming…don’t ask me how, but it still made me sad when it happened.

Evan Arden is a damaged hero I loved! Sure he struggled, knowing that to be with Lia, he would endanger her life. But instead of wallowing in the thought that he is not good enough for her and push her away, I liked that he lays it all out for her knowing that she might leave him. And when they decide to be together, he never wavers and calls up everything in his arsenal—and I mean that literally and figuratively—to make a future with her possible.

Oh, how can I not mention the hot sex scenes. They were a scorcher because both Evan and Lia like it rough and wow, the make-up sex.

Though the ending left the door open to future books, it was perfect and definitely an HEA

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