The Guardians Series

The Guardian series is about an elite team of operatives who works for or have worked for Artemis Guardian Services (AGS).

AGS or simply “The Guardians” as they are known by most of their clients, specializes in small team surgical incursions: DoD covert ops that are too politically high-risk, K and R (kidnap and ransom), , Corporate Security Enforcement (usually involving questionable and deadly force), and protective custody detail outsourced by the US Marshals Service.

The books are meant to be a standalone, but there are recurring characters from other books. Each book will also deal with a different ‘baddie.


FIRE & ICE was my very first book! Written back in 2013, the book idea was born from my love of Jack Bauer of “24” and not being able to find a heroine in my reading that was not a doormat. Many times I’ve read books where the hero was perfect and that book itself would have been perfect if the heroine would just stand up to the hero.

Maia Pierce is kickass, feisty, and a rule breaker. Jack McCord is all alpha and badass. Be prepared for a clash of wills and non-stop action and sexy times.

Blurb and purchase links here.

BENEATH THE FIRE is a new adult romance set in the GUARDIANS WORLD and is GUARDIANS 1.5. You can download it for free when you subscribe to my newsletter. It isn’t necessary to read this to continue with the series.

Sophie Leroux of SILVER FIRE is a genius physicist. She’s a bit too smart for her own good that evil forces want to get rid of her.

Enter Derek Lockwood who finds himself in the challenge of his life. He’s got a reputation for being a manwhore, but he’s willing to change for Sophie. Will he succeed? Check out more of their story here.

By the time readers get to the third book, they’ll be wanting to read about Viktor. He’s ruthless and he’s lost some of his humanity and it’s up to Marissa to remind him that he’s not invincible.

I believe SMOKE and SHADOWS is more action-packed than the previous two. You’ll all want to really buckle up for the ride. Check out the blurb here.

Victor also appears in my other books! He’s my favorite to use for cameos because he’s the ultimate badass.


Susan Stoker was very generous to lend her characters for authors to use.

Back from the dead is a favorite trope of mine and RECLAIMING IZABEL fits the bill to a tee. There’s just something about a second-chance at love when you think the love of your life has gone. This couple has spurred some polarizing views with some readers. Did Drake do the right thing? Should Izabel forgive him for the pain he put her through? BLURB and Purchase link here.

This is a true crossover with the GUARDIANS. Jake and Stella have sizzling chemistry. This is more romance than suspense, but it has a lot of heart. I’ve always wanted to write about heroine cop who makes the wrong place, wrong time traffic stop. BLURB and purchase link here.