The Guardians Series

The Guardian series is about an elite team of operatives who works for or have worked for Artemis Guardian Services(AGS).

AGS or simply “The Guardians” as they are known by most of their clients, specializes in small team surgical incursions: K and R (kidnap and ransom), DoD covert ops that are too politically high-risk, Corporate Security Enforcement (usually involving questionable and deadly force), and protective custody detail outsourced by the US Marshals Service.

Each book deals with different couples, it is not a three book romance centering on one couple. The books are meant to be a standalone, but there are recurring characters from other books. Each book will also deal with a different ‘baddie.

My books are not for everyone. My heroes are possessive, controlling and jealous Alpha males. My heroines are more diverse. Most of them are strong-willed and they have no problem giving the hero some back talk. My characters are also not perfect, they are flawed. Do not expect them to be instant hearts and flowers or immediately be the perfect book boyfriend. These are not my type of Alphas. They could be sensitive, but remember they’re badasses. If you have problem with this type of protagonists, DO NOT READ MY BOOKS. It will only frustrate you. I also like to push the limit on the morality of the actions of my characters—what are they willing to do for the greater good. I know readers like to read to escape reality and don’t want to read gritty or disturbing scenes, however I find that I have a dark mind and twisted sense of humor which is why I found my ideal genre in romantic suspense.

There are also explicit sex scenes and starting with Silver Fire, some mild sexual deviances. I would say the book is 50% romance and straddles the line with erotica, 50% action. Hard to balance, because some folks want more romance, some want more action.  Oh, yeah, plenty of violence and pyrotechnics.

I try to write a tightly-plotted storyline, I do my research and with Silver Fire I even sent it to a story fixer to poke holes at the plot,  but I would classify my books  as more like a summer popcorn movie than an Oscar-worthy one. In short, do not overthink the plot, enjoy the action and go along for the ride. 😉

Guardians Prequel: Murder and Silk


17 responses to “The Guardians Series

  1. I really enjoyed your Beneath the Fire that you emailed me, I would really like to read Fire and Ice and wondering if there is somewhere I can get it in epub form. Thanks and looking forward to the next book.

  2. Olivia Carson

    I just wanted to tell you, you are a awesome author! Fire and Ice was great! It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a book this much and that’s saying alot cus I read constantly 🙂 Maia was a kickass female that we all wish we were like (I wish I was) Jack (oh how I love you) talked, he wasn’t scared to talk about his feeling. The secondary characters awesome. There is not one thing that I did not love about this book! Thank you!

  3. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Fire and Ice! Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed writing about Maia and Jack. We’ll be seeing them again in Silver Fire which is Derek’s book. 🙂

  4. I’m just going to start on the Guardian Series and i can honestly say i know i’m going to love it!!! I also just bought It´s Always Been You and Always Been Mine, they sound awesome Too!!

  5. Nina Smith

    Absolutely love the series but cannot get enough of Viktor and Marissa …. please tell me that they will end up with children as I would love to see Viktor with a baby. Here’s hoping for that and loads more of the Guardians.

  6. Vasu

    Loveed your books! !!The best part is the storyline is not just a prop for romance but actually has a life of its own.thanks for giving us AGS and please don’t stop. Eagerly awaiting the next one..

  7. Dear Ms Paige,

    Your books are wonderful. I have read all of them and eagerly waiting for you to publish more.

    I was wondering if we may have a little peek in the lives of our favorite characters especially from the Guardian series. I want to know about maia and Jack especially. These two are real heart stealers.

    Take Care,

  8. Hi, I just found about your books like weeks ago. And I want to say, you are one of my favorite author all of time. I love your Alpha-jealous-posessive hero who never hesitate to tell his feeling towards the heroine. And of course the main reason I love ur books are the badass independent heroine!! I’m tired with a submissive-weak-shy-blushing all the time heroine. That’s why I really really loved your books.

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