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The Wife Assignment

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Release date: September 26, 2022

Copyright 2022 Victoria Paige

Setup: When Kelly goes out on a date with a “friend”. 😏


Kelly POV

Tom raised his glass of wine and said, “To friends who could be more.”

I clinked my glass to his. “I’ll drink to that.”

But then his expression changed, jaw hardening as he looked past my shoulder. A tingle snaked up my spine, before my whole body stiffened.

I turned in my seat, my stomach dropping when I spotted all six-five, two-hundred-thirty pounds of brawny man at the seating hostess’ podium. I wasn’t the only one who had noticed him. Several female—and male—patrons’ attention angled his way. The man’s eyes met mine across the room and my treacherous body came alive. Not exactly s**ually, but with the exhilaration of seeing him.

My husband, Levi James.

Along the heels of exhilaration followed biting jealousy. My eyes frantically searched around him to see if he was with another woman.

And … that irritated the hell out of me.

Moving on, remember?

He started across the room, his gaze unwavering on me.

“Fuck,” Tom said. “What do you want me to do?”

My unfocused stare returned to my dinner companion. “You think I have an answer?” Irritation morphed into worry, spurring me to snatch up my phone to check for any urgent messages from my grandparents.


Dizzy with the pendulum of rapid-fire emotions, my swoosh of relief swung back to irritation … and a conundrum.

First and foremost, how to handle my husband advancing upon us. His electric stare narrowed briefly on Tom before slicing back to me, pinning me to my seat as if I’d committed a grave crime.

When he reached us, he stole a chair from an adjacent table, twisted it around, and sat beside us.

“This is cozy.” Levi surveyed the wine glasses on the table. He picked up mine and downed its contents.

“Ahh, tastes expensive.” He and Tom locked stares. He was acting like an a**hole and he knew it.

“Do not cause a scene,” I hissed.

“Is everything okay here?” A man in a suit, I presumed to be the restaurant manager, hurried to our table. Levi’s attire was out of place. He was in tactical cargos and a tee in a room full of suits and ties.

“We’re fine,” Levi said. “I was late.”

The manager kept a neutral face but glanced at Tom who was murdering Levi with his stare. My husband simply cocked a brow at my dinner companion, daring him to say otherwise.

Tom looked at me. “I’ll do whatever you want, Kelly. If you want to have this asshole thrown out of here, I’ll do that too.”

“I’d like to see you try, bro,” Levi said lazily.

His nonchalant reply was at odds with the tension radiating from him. It was suffocating the air in the restaurant.

“Don’t.” One word was all I needed to communicate with him.

“That’ll depend on you, beautiful.”

“Mr. Roth? What do you want me to do?” The manager fidgeted beside us.

I turned pleading eyes toward Tom and I was crushed at his resigned look.

Damn Levi.

“We’re fine,” Tom said.

“We’re more than fine.” Levi captured my gaze. “Because she’s my wife.”