Writing Tools/Blogs

Having doubts with word usage or grammar. Checkout:

Grammar Girl – I don’t usually go to her website directly, but when I search for my issue and I see that she’s written about it, then Grammar Girl is the first site I pick.

Grammarly – I find their basic free service useful for the occasional doubt on verb/subject usage.

Writing and Publishing Tools and Tips

Ellen Brock Blog – she’s a freelance editor, but her short videos on writing tips are worth the visit. She explains “Show and Tell”, what makes your readers care for your character and all other questions you may have as you find your voice as an author.

Book Matchmaker – Christina’s blog gives you inspirational quotes and advice that makes sense. She’s also a fabulous writing coach.

The Creative Penn – Topics about self-publishing

Scrivener – I’m surprised how many writers are still using Microsoft Word. Probably because I’ve started using Scrivener starting with my first book and I think I would have never gotten past the first few chapters if it was any other tool.

Vellum – this is an ebook/paperback formatting tool and it’s easy to use.