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About Protector of Convenience


As you all know, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to write a book. For the Rogue Protectors series, I dug deep down about what I wanted to read if I was the reader. Truly writing what you want to read is the key to inspired writing, and I wrote PROTECTOR OF CONVENIENCE’s first draft in 6 weeks. I know I promised to post about my writing tools, but they apparently continue to evolve and as I write THE BOSS ASSIGNMENT, I’m experimenting with Jessica Brody’s Fast Drafting Technique and using Trello to keep track of my invisible revisions. If the technique works, then I’ll know I have a winner because I’ve been averaging 800 words/40 minutes and they are good words. I’m also not pushing myself beyond 2k words a day except on weekends to avoid burnouts.

I continue to use Aeon Timeline to track the series timeline, and I’ve somewhat replaced Scapple with GoodNotes.

I also wanted to post here part of what was in the afterword of PROTECTOR OF CONVENIENCE and some of the challenges I encountered.

One of the challenges of Protector of Convenience was considering which foreign words to italicize and which ones to accent. I’ve agonized over this during the proofreading stage, but I finally decided to err on the side of readability. Italics and accents make the eyes weary, so although there were words that could have used the accent marks or italics, I left them out. There were no hard and fast rules on this and a book on copyediting suggested not italicizing when it’s Spanglish.

The town of Cayetano is fictitious, but it was based on the town of Tancítaro which is a municipality in Michoacán. It really did rise up against the cartels and formed its own paramilitary force. Another article about green gold causing war and violence in Mexico was featured in the LA Times and provided a springboard for the plot. All the cartels in this book are fictitious.


I’m excited for the release of PROTECTOR OF CONVENIENCE. Somehow I think this is my best book to date. Everything just fell into place … the characters, the plot, the pacing … the feels. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy reading it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. 🙂