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To Write a lot is to Read a lot

Yes, Uncle Stevie (like most constant readers call Stephen King), I’m following your advice in your book, On Writing. Stephen King maintains that the only way to improve in your writing is to read, read, read. Read good books, read bad books. Just read. Find out what works for you and find out what doesn’t. It’s really no shirt off my back because I love reading and it’s a perfect excuse to do so in … ahem … the improvement of my craft.

Anyway, we’ve all had them. The book slumps. It could be because one reason or another. This makes a successful reading streak all the sweeter and I’m riding that high right now.


The Silent Wife – this is gritty, and I’d recommend it more for crime fiction readers.
A Touch of Stone and Snow – Oh my gawd, this was angsty, but the hero was so devoted to the heroine, I was like ???. The only caveat is there was a ton of world building. A ton. But the character of a certain sabre tooth snow cat made it totally worth it. ❤️
I picked up Shades of Twilight on a whim. The writing is definitely dated but this is classic Linda Howard and her politically incorrect hero. There’s also a very icky subject matter here. PM me if you are curious, or go to Goodreads and it’s easy to find out what I mean. ?
All the Queen’s Men was the typical—that last book was good, I need to read another one by the author. And boy was that blurb right up my alley. At the time of this writing, I’m only about 25% in, but I’m hoping to jump back into reading after doing my authorly things.
I’m in between writing books at the moment, giving myself a break to mentally prepare for the next one which will include brainstorming with my development editor. It’s always great to be excited about starting a new book.
I hope to do a roundup of my writing tools this Wednesday. 🙂 I found a new tool that greatly helped me with the timeline of my Rogue Protector series.