Review: Hello Stranger


Here’s the thing. I loved Devil in Spring. It was in the top five of my 2017 reads. I had high hopes for this one, thinking Lisa Kleypas has gotten her groove back because the first two Ravenels were an uneven experience for me. Hello Stranger was well-written and it was obvious that a lot of research has gone into it. The beginning was promising, I especially loved how Ethan watched over Garrett, and there was a scene where he taught her self-defense that was cute, funny and hot.  I did have an issue with the heroine “somewhat” the pursuer of the relationship, but make no mistake that Ethan was already smitten with Garrett, but there were circumstances that stopped him from being with her. There was no relationship angst that I felt and I’m a lover of angst.

I think where the book kind of stalled for me was the abundance of medical play by play. A bit too much information for me to process when there was  a conspiracy plot already going on. I did like that tidbit about blood types though. All in all, I did like this installment, but I didn’t love it. Ethan and Garrett were extremely admirable characters, and Ethan was a swoonworthy hero.

Now, I can’t wait for West’s book. Loved him in this one. 🙂