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Review: Suddenly Forbidden

*4.25* Oh, the delicious angst. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this book because from the blurb, we’re going to have a pining heroine, but the second chance aspect drew me in. I couldn’t put the book down from page 1. The flashbacks didn’t bother me and helped build such endearing characters.
I loved Daisy despite me wanting her to really hook up with some other guy when Quinn was being an ass. But the author’s writing was so good, I kind of understood her and I felt her pain. Quinn took waaaay too long to get his act together. And so, the cheating (also warned in the blurb) happened when it shouldn’t, and the fall out ensued that hurt Daisy. I think that was what pissed me off the most.
I did enjoy his semi-groveling afterward. Now, when I have to make excuses for conflict because of their age,it affects my enjoyment of the book.
However, I’m seeing so much growth in Field’s writing and I love the way she weaves the angst in her books and still create such likable characters that I sure will be clicking her next book.
re: Toby and Pippa => I adored Pippa, not sure I like Toby
Can we have a Callum and Reva book also, I think that would be angst overload as well. ๐Ÿ™‚