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Review: The Birthday List


I adored this book! The writing was tight and flowed well for me which enabled me to enjoy the story. At first I thought this was an ugly cry book, and though there were parts that made me teary-eyed, I would say this book was very uplifting. It showed that you can move on from the past. I love second chance romances. It’s like catnip.

Poppy lost her husband five years ago, and in fulfilling her husband’s birthday list she encountered Cole again—the man who had to inform her of Jamie’s death. Cole had always been attracted to Poppy, and for Poppy, that second encounter gave her something of an awareness to the hero. Not an instant lust or love and though this was a slow-burn romance, it wasn’t frustrating, but infinitely swoony because of Cole. Could there be a more perfect man? No doubt he was alpha, but he was also kind and understanding. Were there instances where he was jealous of the dead husband? Of course there were, but he knew he had to be patient and take it slow with Poppy. In the process of checking off Jamie’s birthday list, they spend time together and fall in love. And the way it happened had me grinning from ear to ear.

I loved the cast of characters. Friends and family all take part in helping Poppy fullfill the list. I especially love Jimmy who is Jamie’s grandfather. He and another cranky old man provided some laughter in the book.

This wasn’t sad. The theme of this book is hope and second chances. There were coincidences and everything came full circle to a satisfying end.

I love Cole so hard and that he was a man-in-uniform? Loved him harder!