Review: Tier One

I’ve been craving the need to read outside my typical genre to cure a recent reading slump. I didn’t think I would like the Tier One series because I like some romance with my action, but I didn’t miss it here at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย 4.25+
The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.โ€ ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

From page one, this book drew me in and didn’t let go. I like that I didn’t get lost in the acronyms or the jargon, most of them are familiar and there’s a glossary at the end of the book. The action was written in a way that non-military readers will appreciate, and yet I’m certain to readers with military background it would read authentic.

Jack Kemper/ John Dempsey isn’t the typical alpha hero I’m used to, but he is an ultimate badass. I am also intrigued by his boss, Kelso Jarvis. Their team Ember is black-ops outside the normal chain of command.

The action part was an adrenalin rush while the spy-games part got my cogs turning. What prevented me from giving this five stars was the sections involving the villain. I skimmed some of it because I felt it was a stereotypical portrayal and I didn’t find it as interesting as the rest of the book.

Twist and turns, direction and misdirection it’s a combination of a summer popcorn movie and a spy thriller.

I am vested in the Ember gang and can’t wait to read more of their rush to save the world.