Rogue Protectors

I’ve always been a fan of the protector hero. I’m also a fan of heroes who go rogue especially when the lives of people they love are at stake and the bureaucracy of an institution hinders their ability to do their job and puts said love ones in danger.

When I wrote THE EX ASSIGNMENT, my initial plan was to create a covert group in the U.S. government tasked to address terrorist threats targeting big cities. However, as I started writing this book, I found myself more interested in the relationship building between my couple. I was in the mood for angst, I was in the mood for a kickass heroine, and I wanted a teenager to add a complication.


I’d like to think of Declan and Gabby as having the right love at the wrong time. The reason for their divorce was heartbreaking and now, seventeen years later, fate gives them a second chance to make things right. But the betrayal that caused their breakup is determined to keep them apart.

If you’re in the mood for an angsty, unputdownable, and emotional second-chance romance, check out the full blurb.






I wasn’t prepared for how much I enjoyed writing Migs and Ariana’s book. Long time readers know I rarely write damsels in distress, and Ariana was certainly that to a point. The challenge was to show her strengths amidst her vulnerabilities, and as I dug deeper into her character, I found that strength I always loved in my heroines.

Add to this, at the time of my writing I was hooked on the Netflix series Narcos. Cartel shenanigans play a bigger role in this installment  and I’ve given you  a glimpse of their influence in the previous book. This is both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Check out the full blurb.