I was researching Kelly’s backstory (heroine of The Wife Assignment) and ended up staying in that world. I was in the mood to write an obsessed hero and found the opportunity to do it. I also thought mafia was a prefect setting for these type of heroes where I could make them as morally gray as I want. Although a standalone, De Lucci’s obsession is a prequel to The Scorned Fate series. Read the complete blurb.

After publishing RECLAIMING IZABEL, I honestly thought I had no more stories to write because I had written all my favorite tropes. Then a friend of mine sent me an article about mercenaries hired by an Arab country to assassinate a politician in Yemen. My brain started processing … what if the hero uses a humanitarian mission to cover his op? And what if the heroine is a rockstar’s daughter and the sponsor of this humanitarian aid? Plus, they can’t stand each other!


I’m further convinced that opposites indeed do attract because Kade and Yara’s chemistry exploded off the page for me right away. Usually, it takes me a couple chapters into the book to find my rhythm with my characters, but here, their voices were very clear in my head. And when they spoke, they gave me no choice but to listen. ?

This was supposed to be a start of the Fractured Heroes series, but I decided to spin off some of the characters into a new series and bring them back stateside. Check out the blurb.

I’m not sure if I classify GUARDING CINDY as part of a series. I wondered if I should include this book as part of The GUARDIANS UNIVERSE, but no Guardian appears here. This is popular with readers who like a quick read and the heroine-has-a-stalker trope.

Check out the blurb.

This is one of my favorite covers. The plot for CAPTIVE LIES came from a dream. I was in the mood to write angst and a story where the heroine runs away from the hero and disappears without a trace because her past catches up with her.

Check out the blurb.

I wanted to write a dark and twisty book, and the idea for DEADLY OBSESSION started percolating. I remember I was sweating in a hot yoga class when I came up with the blurb.  I also ended up writing my most over-the-top jealous/possessive hero ever, and his name is Jake Hopper. I wanted a hero who was super-obsessed with the heroine even when she belonged to another man. By the standards of 2020, this book is not that dark at all, but it was as dark as I was willing to go.

Check out the blurb.