Thank you, readers!

Thanks to everyone who has read my new book “It’s Always Been You.”

Thank you for the awesome reviews! Many times I almost wanted to leave a comment on the review because I was so thrilled how the review captured exactly how I wanted the book to be perceived. But as a reader myself, I feel a review is really for another reader to make an informed decision whether to read a book or not. So I controlled my twitchy fingers and decided to thank everyone in this blog post. 🙂

I know the book didn’t work for some; I know my writing style is not for everyone.

I’m so excited to start working on Gabe and Bee’s story. The plot is developing nicely and there’s nothing more exciting than to see connections snap into place.

I’m finding that Travis and Caitlin’s characters were easier to write than our next couple. I’m not sure if you all noticed in book #1, but Bee doesn’t fit the “self-sacrificing, goody-two-shoes” mold. I discussed this with my friend about how Bee’s character may not be entirely likable. She flat out told me: “You don’t have to make her likable.”

Which means I’m going to have fun with her character. It’s always a challenge to make the character stay true to who she is but still have that one redeemable quality that firmly puts her on the heroine column.

This reminds me of the time when I wrote my alpha of all alphas—Viktor Baran—his book is Smoke and Shadows. He is cold, calculating, ruthless. How the hell can I make that man say “I love you.” It took some work and some friends here on Goodreads saw my status updates when I was drowning myself in a bottle of wine because Viktor was being such a pain in the ass to write. But that man—he’s the guy I’m gonna stick to in a zombie apocalypse. He may be terrifying to contemplate having as a book boyfriend, but he’s such a badass; one reviewer said he has enough badass in him to go around the world twice! 🙂

Okay, back to Bee. I foresee some frustrated status updates here on Goodreads. Gabe, well, for those who’ve read the opening scene let me tell you, I’m cackling like a vindictive witch here. He’s got a lot of groveling to do—the alpha way of course.

My husband and I were laughing when my book made #2 on Amazon’s hot new releases for military thrillers. It’s so funny to see this sweet cover among all those testosterone-charged covers.