The Always Series

ALWAYS is a  second-chance romance series. It has less explosive action than the Guardians, and I had fully intended for it to concentrate more on the romance, but sometimes my writer’s brain gets away from me and ALWAYS BEEN MINE ended up becoming a twisty-turny espionage romantic suspense. ?

As with the Guardians, my books are not for everyone. Anything goes, and I mean anything. There will be violence but not gratuitous. Many of the action scenes are shootouts and hand-to-hand combat. And since my tag line is steamy romantic suspense there is explicit sex.

IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU was an inspired writing kind of book. It had all my favorite elements: amnesia, back-from-the-dead, and one of my top jealous/possessive hero Travis who needed to come with a warning sign.

What do you do when you never accepted that your wife is dead?

And what do you do when a stranger calls you wife?

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If you’ve read the previous book, then you all know that Gabe needs to do a major grovel in order to win Beatrice back. So, if groveling is a trope, ALWAYS BEEN MINE has it in spades because Beatrice isn’t a pushover for sure. I’ll be honest. This book burned me out. What happened was I twisted myself into knots with the plot and it took me a while to untwist myself. LoL! But this also solidified my belief that you can’t rush a story.

Check out the blurb here.

Didn’t I say I burned out with Gabe and Beatrice’s book? It took me a while to write A LOVE FOR ALWAYS, but Nate’s romance with Sylvie was worth the wait. I also got to write a lovable hero who was still very much alpha. Plus, Sylvie is a ramen chef and at the time of writing this book, I did my own research on the art of ramen, and I don’t mean the instant ramen kind of our college days. In Japan, the making of broth and the noodles are equally important. If you haven’t tried ramen from an authentic ramenya, I encourage you to give it a try and yes, I did indulge in Japanese food when I wrote this. All in the name of research. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our baddie here is the Asian Crime Syndicate and Sylvie is right smack in the middle of the mayhem. Of course our man Nate is not going to let Sylvie face this herself.

There is also another emerging love story of one of our secondary characters. Can you guess who?

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