The Always Series

A second-chance romance and romantic suspense. This will have less explosive action than the Guardian series, concentrating more on the romance. It will still have the same fast-paced feel, but the development of the romance will take center stage. Don’t worry, there’ll still be plenty of twist and turns to keep the story moving forward. Series standalones, each book will have a different couple.

As with the Guardians, my books are not for everyone. Anything goes and I mean anything. There will be violence (I try to make this not too gut churning, most of them are shootouts and hand-to-hand combats.), explicit sex scenes (including light kink and dominance), strong language (including dirty-talkers ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and disturbing situations. So if you have triggers, you may want to think twice before picking this up.

What there won’t be is:

a. Cheating ~ I define cheating as the two main characters being in a committed relationship and sleeping with other people. If they are not together and have sex with others, this is not cheating.

b. Physical violence of the hero against the heroine. This does not apply to rough sex and dominance play (spanking). ๐Ÿ˜‰

As with the Guardians, my heroes are possessive, controlling and jealous alpha males. Badasses to the core, but when it comes to their women they are vulnerable. My heroines are strong as well, but they have that soft spot that only a true alpha can break through.


3 responses to “The Always Series

  1. Terri Wells

    I’m late to the game here, downloaded my first VP book while on vacation 2 weeks ago (a happy accident) and thank god I did. Victoria i LOVE your books! Intelligent stories, realistic characters (who are allowed to be flawed / make mistakes / be sexually active etc. – a whole bunch of stuff other romance authors seem to struggle with) and the dovetailing of stories (so we get to revisit much loved characters in other books) is just sublime.
    I’m now devouring all of your back catalogue!.
    Viktor is probably my favorite hero so far but I absolutely LOVED Gabe & Bea’s story. The plot is so smart and clever and their way back to each other after the devastatingly brilliant (& heartbreaking) opening scene was so perfectly done – all their conflicting emotions and occasional honest doubts about whether they can make it work.(the scene outside his house when he takes her ‘home’ for the first time and she breaks down- wonderful)…Gabe’s dog as a plot trick/secondary character, the dialogue, Bea’s sass, Gabe’s persistence…I just loved the whole thing. I am re-reading Trav & Caitlin’s story now and enjoying making sense of the Bea / Gabe / Dmitry references having read the whole story in book 2.
    I haven’t even mentioned the sex scenes which are incredible and HOT.
    So please, keep writing! About to start Always #3!
    p.s did I mention I am in love with Viktor xx

    • I’m so happy you are enjoying my books and thank you for letting me know. Comments like this inspire me to continue writing. Viktor is still the most complex and favorite alpha male I’ve ever written. ๐Ÿ™‚

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