Last Breath – Dirty-talking badass alpha

I haven’t posted about books I’ve read in a while. I’ve read mostly 4-star books, some were just missing the final oomph to make it a 5-star read. However, I’d like to introduce my favorite book boyfriend this year. Yes, I’m cheating on my guys Jack, Derek, Viktor and Travis … but I think they’ll like Daniel. Because he’s as badass just as they are . . . and quite the dirty talker. This is the second book of the Hitman series. I didn’t like the first book so much, Last Hit, but Last Breath simply blew me away with the action and badass alpha male.

Last Breath


Review posted also on Goodreads.

FIVE awesome stars! I wasn’t a fan of the first book which had a great story, but I didn’t like Nick or Daisy much. However I found myself liking Daniel and I was curious with what happened to Regan. I am not a fan of the sex-slave trope because frequently the heroines are so horribly scarred and broken the book becomes a hard read for me. Regan was not broken, she had a lot of fight left in her when Daniel finds her. She has a fear of being left behind, which is understandable because even though they had no choice, that’s why I disliked Nick and Daisy a lot because of their selfishness and Regan got caught in their bullshit. 

But enough about that let’s talk about Daniel. I think he’s my favorite hero of the year. He is perfect: Badass. check. Alpha. check. I would have been fine if he was an asshole in the beginning, but OMG he was sweet and not in the sugary kind of way, but in the hit man kind of way hahaha! He was definitely attracted to Regan, and how he helps Regan overcome her aversion to sex was great. The almost sex was very hot and then when they finally came together, super hot. And can I say that Daniel does the dirty talking very well? 🙂

The book had a great mix of action and romance and scorching sex scenes. Sigh. Daniel is the man. In love with him. Regan cried a lot, but that didn’t really get on my nerves. It’s really funny when she burst into tears and this big mercenary men don’t know what to do.

“No,” he growls, and he grabs my chin in his hand and forces me to look at him when I avert my eyes. “You think I won’t come after you? You think I’d let that fucker touch one hair on your head while I’ve still got breath in my body? . . .*remove spoiler dialogue*. . . Regan, because I swear I will fucking come and rescue you like some goddamn knight in shining armor. And you don’t believe otherwise until they roll my dead body at your feet, all right?”