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Badass Alpha Reads: Surviving Raine and Fire Inside

I know I said I was going to have a review of Entwined with You this week, unfortunately 20% into the book, I’ve realized that I’ve grown weary of Gideon and Eva’s relationship. I don’t know if it was because I’ve heard there were going to be five books. Yes, five! I’ve skimmed most of the book and I could tell there were a lot of hot sexy scenes—which I skipped! So I don’t think I can give an honest review of the book. Many found it really good, unfortunately the series is not for me anymore. {Sigh and there goes $9.99 down the drain.}

However … Oh. My. God. Just when I thought I was in a reading slump, I read a book that just knocked me off of my ass. I laughed, I cursed, I rolled my eyes, you name it. I had every reaction. What is this book? Surviving Raine. Warning: I’m not sure how to classify this book if this would work as New Adult, the heroine is 20 years old and our hero is 29. It’s also not for everyone, because Sebastian Stark is what you would call an anti-hero. He has a very dark side and he is obnoxious, but hell I love the man.

Surviving Raine
Surviving Raine

5-star-ratingSurviving Raine by Shay Savage

This book is currently my best read this year! I freaking enjoyed it, I did not want it to end. Sebastian Stark is one of my top Alpha males ever. He’s normally not my type because he was such an ass. I mean really surly, crass and rude. He’s an alcoholic in withdrawal and just plain mean but I effing loved him. I don’t know why. I think this worked really well because the book was written from his POV so you can actually hear his thought process and it was really hilarious. Let me back up a bit. The heroine, Raine, I effing loved her too. She was the perfect combination of strength and vulnerability. She was perfect for the broken man that was Bastian. Throughout the book, you’d realize that despite Bastian’s tough exterior, beneath him is a very needy, insecure man. And Raine, gosh that girl has so much understanding in her. Don’t get me wrong, she was not a pushover. I mean, about 9% into the book I had to put it down because I laughed so hard. There was a scene wherein Bastian said something really crude and Raine let him have it and I mean HAVE it. Oh my god I love her.
There was also another intense scene in the book where Bastian officially became my #1 non-paranormal Alpha badass.
As you all can tell by now I’m gushing. There was a bit of a slow part around 3/4 of the way, but I did not mind because I was just happy to read along how these two great characters fall in love. I think the underlying intrigue of the plot is also what kept me turning the pages.
This book was a mixture of survivor, castaway and hunger games with a heavy dose of romance. Yes, hunger games. This book ends with an HFN. I hate books that do this because we normally get plots getting dragged out. But seeing how rich Surviving Raine was plot-wise and what the epilogue has set up for, I’m sure we’ll get a book that will be as page-turning as this one. I hate that the next book will be in 2014. 🙁

Fire Inside
Fire Inside

5-star-ratingFire Inside by Kristen Ashley

4.5  stars. I have a new favorite badass biker. I always knew it would be Hopper Kincaid. Fire Inside was not the typical KA novel in that, it did not have the dramatic ending of blood and hospital drama. But, let me say there was a kidnapping and it involved handcuffs. 😉

I’ve always had faith in Hop, even in MM, I knew there was something about him. Especially when Tack said that he should have had Hop guard Tyra because no one can get the jump on him, he got on my radar. And yes, knowing the full story with that skank BeeBee and Mitzi, readers can be assured Hop is a good guy.
I understood why KA went that route she did with their story. Why she concentrated on the relationship of Lanie and Hop, instead of injecting the regular drama. Lanie already endured a confrontation with the mob, she took several bullets and nearly died, do we want more drama of the same kind happen to her again?
Why not a full 5-stars? Lanie drove me nuts with her thought process. I was expecting more sass, backtalk and resistance from her, but I guess with one Hop Kincaid, who could say no?
Is Hop and Lanie my favorite KA couple? No.(That honor still belongs to Mike and Dusty, Luke and Ava) But Hop is one of my top KA guys now. Just love him. All of him. He is badass, he is alpha and he is sweet.
Usually, I judge how much I like a book if I would go back and re-read sections of it, and with Fire Inside I know I definitely will!