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Great Trilogy

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Here’s a fantastic trilogy for you. It’s different. It has a love triangle. An unusual one. One man is dark, one is light. One is unpredictable, the other is true. It’s romance and suspense, just the way I like it.

sinsandneedles shootingscars boldtricks


The trilogy is more of a 4.5 star read for me.

Here is my review for Bold Tricks:

This was a satisfying and epic finish to this trilogy. This could be one of my favorite series this year. It was action-packed, punctuated with interesting self-reflection and discovery by Ellie—who she really loves and who is the man for her. Camden continues to prove that he would do anything for Ellie whether she chooses him or not, he stayed true, he was her constant as was Gus. There are some big revelations toward the end, although I kind of figured it out. The sex scenes were hot, I will never look at mud the same again. Ahhh, Camden, you are such a swoon-worthy hero. I wasn’t so sure of him in the beginning, I thought he was too wimpy to hack it in book 1, but we’ve seen his growth throughout the books as a soulful tattoo artist to one serious badass.

Javier, ah, what a complex character he was, but I did not buy his character development in the third book.

The other books in the series:

On Every Street – a novella

Sins and Needles

Shooting Scars – I loved this alternate Ellie and Camden point of view.


Amazing New Adult book: Mak..

Making Faces by Amy Harmon I almost skipped this book because some reviews said the romance didn’t start until the middle of the book. For me this wasn’t a book about romance, it was more about friendship and boy, how i loved Bailey, Fern and Ambrose. Bailey had a disease called muscular dystrophy and became wheelchair-bound at an early age. It’s interesting despite his disability he had such a big view of the world. In some ways this book was personal because it reminded me of my own brother who doctors said wouldn’t live past three months when he was born. He lived until he was 26—he was wheelchair-bound all his life but like Bailey, he had so much wisdom and he was a hero to me. Anyway, back to the book—from the blurb, Ambrose comes home from war horribly disfigured and suffering an emotional turmoil of losing all his friends—friends whom he had convinced to sign up to join the Army. How Fern and Bailey draws him out of his survivor’s guilt becomes a strong part of the plot. I loved it when Bailey faced Ambrose and called him on his bullshit of self-pity. The development of the romance […]

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New Adult Romances ~ Off Se..

Finally, I have some great new adult romances for you. Sawyer Bennett always delivers and I’ve got two for you: Off Course ~ Sawyer Bennett I LOVED this book. The author had struck every chord on my wish list. I like that the heroine Renner was not a push over. And Cillian with his rockstar good looks, well he is a rockstar, absolutely sizzles with Alpha male goodness who sees what he wants and goes for it. Renner is a bit gun-shy on the relationship bandwagon having suffered humiliation and the loss of her job in her previous one, but our man is persistent almost to the point of stalking. Don’t we all just love them that way in fantasy land anyway? So our man finally wears our girl down and the sex, when it happens, was explosive — as in tear your clothes off explosive. All should be good and coast along right? But no. There is one chink in this relationship and I’m not a big fan of the evil ex-girlfriend as a romance trope but in this case it worked to provide just the right angst. Though in the beginning I understand how Cillian feels it’s his […]

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Lick (Stage Dive, #1)

    Lick (Stage Dive #1) ~ Kylie Scott Finally, we have a rock star that’s not a complete douchebag. I know we all love bad boys, but sometimes with New Adult novels and as a more mature reader, I don’t get the appeal unless the man finds a way to completely redeem himself in the end. Anyway, off my soapbox. Here’s a book that is completely swoonworthy. Is the hero perfect? No. Apparently, what stays in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for long when an ordinary girl like Evelyn finds herself married to a famous rockstar after an amnesia-inducing drunk night. I think David is the sweetest rock star I’ve ever read. The book was well written. Evelyn and David were sympathetic characters. There definitely was conflict but nothing too over the top which was great for a change. The sex scenes were hot. I would say this was an easy, mellow read. And yes, no cliffhangers. Can Mal get a book, pretty please? 🙂

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Badass Alpha Reads: Survivi..

I know I said I was going to have a review of Entwined with You this week, unfortunately 20% into the book, I’ve realized that I’ve grown weary of Gideon and Eva’s relationship. I don’t know if it was because I’ve heard there were going to be five books. Yes, five! I’ve skimmed most of the book and I could tell there were a lot of hot sexy scenes—which I skipped! So I don’t think I can give an honest review of the book. Many found it really good, unfortunately the series is not for me anymore. {Sigh and there goes $9.99 down the drain.} However … Oh. My. God. Just when I thought I was in a reading slump, I read a book that just knocked me off of my ass. I laughed, I cursed, I rolled my eyes, you name it. I had every reaction. What is this book? Surviving Raine. Warning: I’m not sure how to classify this book if this would work as New Adult, the heroine is 20 years old and our hero is 29. It’s also not for everyone, because Sebastian Stark is what you would call an anti-hero. He has a very dark […]


Silver Fire and a New Adult..

Well, I promised some news about Silver Fire. I finished the last chapter two weeks ago, but I’ve decided to go through some rigorous exercise for this second novel in that I sent it to some pre-edit beta readers —those who were willing to overlook grammatical errors to evaluate the plot and characterization. I know a lot of you loved my heroine Maia in the first book because she was quite the kickass. Sophie is a bit different. She is more vulnerable and let me tell you sometimes it was hard to write her because as I’ve mentioned before, I like my heroines to be almost invincible. So just be forewarned she is very different from Maia. But I think she’s perfect for Derek.  Ah, Derek, our easy-going supporting character in Fire and Ice finds out he’s not so easy going after all. 😉 We’ll meet up with Maia and Jack again, but I don’t want to reveal too much. I was kinda tickled to write some of their scenes. 🙂 Next phase: professional editing, more beta-reading, proof reading, cover design and ARCs (advance reading copies) Blurb: What if you hold the blueprint to a device that can destroy an […]


New Adult Novels: Off sides..

Off Sides Simply put, I like Danny the heroine and Ryan. They were both strong characters and were willing to fight for what they wanted. Off Limits I enjoyed the previous book off sides. The book was slow to start, but it was to show some background on the characters. Emily is a trust fund baby, but has decided to reinvent herself and not be the spoiled little rich girl that she was. Nix is trying not to get involved with Emily,but when they finally do, it’s a scorcher! Anyway, they agree that the sex would be no-strings-attached, but you know how that goes. ;). The book deals with PTSD and by the end of the book, there were tears in my eyes as what happened to Nix is revealed. The way the author shows how Nix deals with the after-effects of a brain trauma as well as PTSD is heartbreaking—there are uncontrolled rages etc… but I really like how Emily helped Nix overcome this. The ending was satisfying and sweet.

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Twisted Perfection & Cr..

If I wait for four-five star reads when it comes to New Adult, I may have nothing to post here. But these rated high on Goodreads and Amazon, so majority of readers liked them. Twisted Perfection *3.75*  I was disappointed that this was not a standalone book and was all set to wait until the Perfection series was complete before reading them. DID NOT HAPPEN. One, because I loved Woods in the Fallen too Far Series and two, well the guy on the cover was too sexy to ignore. 😉 Unfortunately, Woods in this book did not work for me. The in-control, decisive Alpha male I knew in the previous books was not in evidence in this installment. I know a hero needs to have his weaknesses, but I’m not a big fan of this type of character manipulation. The plot felt contrived and had a soap-opera feel to it (Maybe the last name Kerrington sounded too much like Carrington that it reminded me of Dynasty). The villains were caricatures, and the cliffhanger only solidified this whole scenario. Della came across as two-dimensional despite her dark past (Okay, I may be projecting here because I do not like weak heroines. […]

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Some great reads this week

I’m getting ready to re-plot my second book. I had a story fixer look at my plot outline and I had realized a few home truths: I had too many villains that my story could rival ‘24′ …  after all my next heroine is a brilliant nuclear scientist and not Jack Bauer. And although my male protagonist could be as badass as Jack Bauer (with the sexy of a Christian Grey), I had a plot twist that could either be too brilliant or too contrived. And when my thoughts are too mired in my plotting, I need to clear my head by reading. Great reads are getting harder and harder to come by because I’ve been avoiding books with cliffhangers. Is anyone tired of this trend yet? I had been looking forward to Entwined with You because that’s the last Gideon and Eva book, but Sylvia Day announced that there was to be more Eva and Gideon. I mean, really? Can we just give them an HEA? They’ve been through enough, right? And I’ve slowly O’D on New Adult. I think the stories are getting repetitive. Let’s see, tortured hero (preferably tattooed), heroine running away from a dark past, college […]


Fiction and the Evolution o..

*Since there seems to be a lot of search terms for “alpha male romances” directing to this blog, I thought I’d feature one of my earlier posts. Jericho Barrons is my ultimate alpha. Of course, for Contemporary Romance I’d have to say it’s my own Viktor Baran.  🙂 Alpha ~ something that is first (Merriam Webster) Alpha Male ~ the most dominant, powerful, or assertive man in a particular group. ( I’m not sure when Alpha Male became a mainstream term. I started reading romance novels in the mid-80s. There was a pawn shop beside our restaurant that also sold used books. The owner was kind enough to rent me books to read and I devoured book after book of Mills and Boon and Silhouette romances. Some books were really old, probably published in the 70s. I don’t remember any of the stories except that the hero is usually older (a lot older actually) than the heroine and it’s usually at the end of the book when the hero reveals his true feelings. Otherwise, he is a male chauvinistic arrogant pig for most of the novel. The plots were highly repetitive and formulaic. The 1980‘s was also the era of […]