Book Slump Remedies



We’ve all had them. The dreaded book slump. The ones where even our reliable go-to authors don’t work. The three books mentioned here were my best reads this past month in a crowd of just-okay books.

Worth The Fall ~ I was pleasantly surprised how this worked for me. The premise shouldn’t have worked. I woman who is pregnant with 4 kids in tow. It help that the hero was a Navy SEAL. I was sucked in from the first word.

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Black Lies ~ Alessandra Torre is a hit or miss for me. Some times her angst is such a mind f*ck that just doesn’t work for me. But the original plot in this one, although far fetched had me applauding the risks she took with this one. If you’re not one with many triggers, and if you’d read anything, I recommend you give this a try. It’s best to go in blind, and even if you think you’ve hit one of your triggers, I advice to keep on reading.

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The Hook Up ~ the title and the cover doesn’t do justice to the story. I do not read much new ¬†adult nowadays, but the couple in this one certainly had a more mature connection. I was pleasantly surprised and I enjoyed the writing. No over-the-top contrived drama. Thank God!

* My Goodreads review



  1. Victoria, while I am eagerly waiting for the next Misty Grove book, I’ve been reading some CM Owens – think you would really enjoy her stuff, I like it for the same reason i love yours…great characters, dialogue, alpha males, nice x-overs so you get to catch up with much loved characters in other books…the Death Chasers series is a good balance of suspense plot/romance. Some of her characters a little young for me (I prefer 30+).

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