Breaking Point and Officer Off limits

I always like reading about men-in-uniform. They’re my favorite alphas, there’s something swoon-worthy about a man who can protect his woman, don’t you think?

Breaking Point
Breaking Point



Breaking Point ~ Pamela Clare

This is my first book I read from this author and I loved it. You could tell that the book was well-researched. Although there were parts where I thought there were too much information, I think as a reader you can choose to read or to skim, I did not think it affected my enjoyment of the story because there is plenty of interesting plot and action.
I do like how badass Zach McBride was, so yes there is violence but it’s expected with this genre. I also loved Natalie, she could take care of herself when she needed to. There were interesting secondary characters but what stood out for me was the bromance between Marc and Julian.

The conflict ending was very climatic and the epilogue satisfying.

Officer Off Limits
Officer Off Limits

5-star-ratingOfficer Off Limits ~ Tessa Bailey

I was looking for a fun quick read and I saw one of my friends on GR reading a new Tessa Bailey book. I mean, how did I not know about this? Anyway, the author is an auto-buy for me because I simply love her brand of Alpha Males. Overprotective, insanely jealous and possessive. And Daniel Chase fits the mold in every way. You know what else I love about this series? Men in Uniform. I’ve realized I’ve thrown over my billionaire business man in favor of heroes in law enforcement or who have been in the military. Something about being an alpha badass.
Anyway, Story Brooks, the heroine, was no shrinking violet either. She was recently dumped by her fiancé, but felt an attraction to Daniel almost immediately. The problem was Daniel was a protegé of her father, Jack, which made him off limits. Anyway, the book had the author’s trademark panty melting, scorching sex scenes and sexual tension.
There was also great banter between Daniel, Brett and Matt (his partners) and I just laughed at the ‘panty move’ reference. I like that there was humor specially with the missed sexual opportunities. Also, Jack’s subtle warnings to Daniel—I alway love the old-fashioned overprotective dad—and using baseball to get his point across— :D. However in this, I was not expecting the twist. Hah! All I can say is we’re dealing with hostage negotiators and reverse psychology after all.
The length of the novel was just right. It spared me skim-worthy emotional monologues and left me devouring every page of great sex scenes, hot Alpha male and smart heroine and a great scene in the end. Yes, five freaking stars! 🙂


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