Fire and Ice (an extended epilogue) cover

Fire Ice Sml_1

* Book Cover by: Robin Ludwig Design

Almost done with my free short story that expands on the events of the four months later at the end of Fire and Ice. 🙂 Folks who’ve read Beneath the Fire probably have an inkling what this may be all about. There is little action in this book and will concentrate more on Jack and Maia’s relationship. Explicit sex scenes and relationship discussions take up almost half of the book.  😉  12,800 words.


Jack takes drastic measures to mitigate his fears with Maia’s risky job and his fiancée is furious. When two strong-willed people clash, sparks are bound to fly. Will his jealousy and overprotectiveness burn their relationship to ashes or will they transcend these challenges to share an extraordinary love?

*Strong sexual content and language. Short story erotic romance, 12,800 words.

*This is not a standalone expanding on the events at the ending of Fire and Ice that run concurrently with Beneath the Fire.


Maia’s three-inch heels were having trouble keeping up with Jack’s long strides.  Jack had not said a word since they left the bar and simply held her hand tightly as he pulled her beside him on the sidewalk. He turned into a deluxe boutique hotel. 

She dug in her heels and pulled on her arm. 

“Jack,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”

He yanked her into his chest. “Takes five minutes to get to the car, fifteen minutes to get out of Georgetown and twenty minutes to get home. I’m not waiting to put my cock inside you, Maia.” Jack’s eyes glittered with determination and heated intensity that caused her sex to spasm. When she just gaped at him, he growled,“Good, we’re on the same page.”