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On Writing Captive Lies

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Captive Lies was a “turning point” book. I wanted to explore my writing voice, to see where I could improve and to figure out what could be holding me back. I have always written what I wanted which was why quitting my day job wasn’t in my immediate future. 😉

Let me backtrack a bit. Writing Fire & Ice started out as an accident. I’d been reading about amazing alpha male heroes but they were always getting paired with doormat heroines and I got frustrated. Out of that frustration, I wrote the first five chapters of F&I and sent it to my friend and forgot about it. A couple of weeks later, she emailed me back and asked me where the rest of the manuscript was. And I thought, really? Someone wanted to read it? I went ahead plotting and writing the rest of it, googling editors and sending it off to one I found. No way was I publishing unedited work. I got good feedback as well as critique. I had a male editor, and he thought Jack was a wooden character, but he liked Maia and my plot was well-paced. Made some adjustments and the rest, as they say, was history.

I’ve always liked to tinker with a character’s story arc, but I noticed I always followed what was the “trend.” I’ve ventured into dark and twisty with Deadly Obsession, but that hesitation to go darker than I was comfortable with curtailed some of its storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how it turned out, but I knew I could have explored it more, but would I be writing “me?”

Then I wrote the alpha-hole that was Matt in Saving Grace. Could I have made him more of an asshole or did I hesitate because I didn’t want readers to hate him so much? Or maybe his arc was a bit too contrived? Maybe a bit, but that was where my editor and betas came in and I think he’s still an asshole but he’s my lovable asshole. 😉

I was learning throughout my writing journey, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was learning.

Makes sense?

Then came clarity.

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Fire and Ice an extended epilogue

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Fire Ice Sml_1

Download PDF Fire and Ice: an extended epilogue

Download for free at Smaswords here (for all other readers like iPad and Kindle, Sony etc.)


Jack takes drastic measures to mitigate his fears with Maia’s risky job and his fiancée is furious. When two strong-willed people clash, sparks will fly. Will his jealousy and overprotectiveness burn their relationship to ashes or will they transcend these challenges and share an extraordinary love?

*Strong sexual content and language. Short story erotic romance, 12,800 words.

*This is not a standalone and expands on the events at the ending of Fire and Ice that ran concurrently with Beneath the Fire.

Q & A about Fire and Ice an extended epilogue

Is this book a standalone?

No. This book is the only one in the series that is not a standalone. The events here will make more sense if you have read Fire and Ice because the timeline falls under the ending of that book. Some events from Beneath the Fire are also mentioned here.

Do I need to read this before Silver Fire?

No. All my other books are written as a standalone, however you will realize some foreshadowing in this book that would make sense once you’ve read Silver Fire.

Why did you write an extended Epilogue?

The idea came to me when my friend read an advance copy of Beneath the Fire and said, “you need to write a Jack and Maia wedding now, your readers will expect it.” Problem was, Silver Fire was already written and there was no way I can insert the wedding without messing with the flow of the story.

Are there action scenes in this book?

There is one short mission in this book. Keep in mind that this is a short story, probably half the length of Beneath the Fire. The story will concentrate on Jack and Maia’s relationship.

Are there sex scenes?

What do you think? 😉

How explicit are the sex scenes?

Very. Those who read Beneath the Fire only and wanted more will be happy with the scenes in the book. The novella’s sex scenes were mild because it was a New Adult book. Those who have read Fire and Ice will be treated to a bit more. When I wrote my first book, I was thinking that my friends and family will be reading my book, so I held back. But after I received comments from my friends and they called me a “porn writer” anyway, I decided to let my writing voice lead me where it wanted to go. 🙂

Is this book professionally edited?

I used this book as a learning experience (experimenting with style, improving my voice etc.) and sent the first two chapters to a professional editor to coach me on this. The rest was self-edited.

*Note all my other books that are for sale had been professionally edited.


Fire and Ice (an extended epilogue) cover

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Fire Ice Sml_1

* Book Cover by: Robin Ludwig Design

Almost done with my free short story that expands on the events of the four months later at the end of Fire and Ice. 🙂 Folks who’ve read Beneath the Fire probably have an inkling what this may be all about. There is little action in this book and will concentrate more on Jack and Maia’s relationship. Explicit sex scenes and relationship discussions take up almost half of the book.  😉  12,800 words.


Jack takes drastic measures to mitigate his fears with Maia’s risky job and his fiancée is furious. When two strong-willed people clash, sparks are bound to fly. Will his jealousy and overprotectiveness burn their relationship to ashes or will they transcend these challenges to share an extraordinary love?

*Strong sexual content and language. Short story erotic romance, 12,800 words.

*This is not a standalone expanding on the events at the ending of Fire and Ice that run concurrently with Beneath the Fire.


Maia’s three-inch heels were having trouble keeping up with Jack’s long strides.  Jack had not said a word since they left the bar and simply held her hand tightly as he pulled her beside him on the sidewalk. He turned into a deluxe boutique hotel. 

She dug in her heels and pulled on her arm. 

“Jack,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”

He yanked her into his chest. “Takes five minutes to get to the car, fifteen minutes to get out of Georgetown and twenty minutes to get home. I’m not waiting to put my cock inside you, Maia.” Jack’s eyes glittered with determination and heated intensity that caused her sex to spasm. When she just gaped at him, he growled,“Good, we’re on the same page.”


Silver Fire and a New Adult Novella

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Well, I promised some news about Silver Fire. I finished the last chapter two weeks ago, but I’ve decided to go through some rigorous exercise for this second novel in that I sent it to some pre-edit beta readers —those who were willing to overlook grammatical errors to evaluate the plot and characterization.

I know a lot of you loved my heroine Maia in the first book because she was quite the kickass. Sophie is a bit different. She is more vulnerable and let me tell you sometimes it was hard to write her because as I’ve mentioned before, I like my heroines to be almost invincible. So just be forewarned she is very different from Maia. But I think she’s perfect for Derek.  Ah, Derek, our easy-going supporting character in Fire and Ice finds out he’s not so easy going after all. 😉

We’ll meet up with Maia and Jack again, but I don’t want to reveal too much. I was kinda tickled to write some of their scenes. 🙂

Next phase: professional editing, more beta-reading, proof reading, cover design and ARCs (advance reading copies)


What if you hold the blueprint to a device that can destroy an entire city?
Sophie Marie Leroux is a genius nuclear physicist who runs Silver Fire Research, a laboratory that has developed the technology to enrich Zefinium—an element so versatile, it can be used as an infinite power source. It is also rumored to be an alternative to weaponized plutonium. Certain factions want to see that research buried, and the only way to make it happen is to get rid of Sophie. But greed has brought out sinister forces who may just coerce her into building the most lethal weapon since the nuclear bomb.
Derek Lockwood has avoided commitment all his life. His past involvements in high-risk missions with the Army Special Forces and Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) are not exactly building blocks for meaningful relationships. Now as an executive for a defense company, he finds himself attracted to his new business partner—an angel with a mind like Einstein—Sophie may be the one woman who may just have him forsake all others.
However, behind Sophie’s brilliant mind lurks a dark past, and Derek will need all his intellectual and sensual expertise to break through her emotional minefield.


In the meantime, I’m working on my a sorta prequel to Silver Fire, the difference is, it’s New Adult—I’ve always wanted to write about alpha-males-in-the-making. 🙂 We may meet some characters from Fire and Ice like Maia and Viktor. The title is “Beneath the Fire” , it’s a novella (target-25,000 words). Hoping to quickly shop for a book cover and have it available on Amazon.

Here’s the tentative blurb:

Lucy Cortez is a model college student. She makes good grades, attends her study groups regularly and stays out of trouble in school.

Nathan Stark is the new hotshot star of their college’s lacrosse team. He is over six-feet of lethal charm and his sapphire blue eyes can make any girl swoon.

They meet cute and fall for each other. They live happily ever after, right?

Wrong. Beneath the fire of their passion lurks a tangle of lies and deceit. Was theirs a chance encounter or a premeditated meeting? For Nathan isn’t exactly who he says he is and Lucy herself is full of secrets—dangerous secrets.

Unless they trust each other with the truth of who they are, the tenuous bond of young love may be broken and lives hanging in the balance may be shattered forever.


Fire and Ice receives endorsement from Compulsion Reads!

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Compulsion Reads

I am so thrilled and honored to have my book, Fire and Ice endorsed by Compulsion Reads! Simply put, Compulsion Reads‘s mission is to “support the indie book movement. Support good books. Give readers the excuse they need to try a new author.
We show our support by offering something the indie book industry desperately needs: quality standards. ”

I admit I was a bit terrified to submit my book for evaluation given the rigorous guidelines and process that the manuscript/book go through to get endorsed. Imagine my relief and joy when I received an email from Compulsion Reads stating that my book has received the seal of endorsement!


Here are some snippets from the review:

“Maia is a strong female lead who has been training to be an agent with The Guardians (a special ops team) since she was very young. I loved that she was willing to sacrifice herself to save anyone. Each of her daring feats left her damaged and many times hospitalized, which showed a vulnerable side to this woman who acts as if she is invincible. Author Victoria Paige did a great job of creating two well-rounded characters that made you smile and at the same time created great frustration. I really enjoyed all of the plot twists and the action as the hunt for the Russian gangsters unfolded.”

” I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a strong protagonist and some heart-pumping action.”

See full review here.

Writing Fire and Ice was such a journey for me and my characters. And I strive to continue to offer the same quality with my coming books!

Fire and Ice