Fire and Ice an extended epilogue

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Jack takes drastic measures to mitigate his fears with Maia’s risky job and his fiancée is furious. When two strong-willed people clash, sparks will fly. Will his jealousy and overprotectiveness burn their relationship to ashes or will they transcend these challenges and share an extraordinary love?

*Strong sexual content and language. Short story erotic romance, 12,800 words.

*This is not a standalone and expands on the events at the ending of Fire and Ice that ran concurrently with Beneath the Fire.

Q & A about Fire and Ice an extended epilogue

Is this book a standalone?

No. This book is the only one in the series that is not a standalone. The events here will make more sense if you have read Fire and Ice because the timeline falls under the ending of that book. Some events from Beneath the Fire are also mentioned here.

Do I need to read this before Silver Fire?

No. All my other books are written as a standalone, however you will realize some foreshadowing in this book that would make sense once you’ve read Silver Fire.

Why did you write an extended Epilogue?

The idea came to me when my friend read an advance copy of Beneath the Fire and said, “you need to write a Jack and Maia wedding now, your readers will expect it.” Problem was, Silver Fire was already written and there was no way I can insert the wedding without messing with the flow of the story.

Are there action scenes in this book?

There is one short mission in this book. Keep in mind that this is a short story, probably half the length of Beneath the Fire. The story will concentrate on Jack and Maia’s relationship.

Are there sex scenes?

What do you think? 😉

How explicit are the sex scenes?

Very. Those who read Beneath the Fire only and wanted more will be happy with the scenes in the book. The novella’s sex scenes were mild because it was a New Adult book. Those who have read Fire and Ice will be treated to a bit more. When I wrote my first book, I was thinking that my friends and family will be reading my book, so I held back. But after I received comments from my friends and they called me a “porn writer” anyway, I decided to let my writing voice lead me where it wanted to go. 🙂

Is this book professionally edited?

I used this book as a learning experience (experimenting with style, improving my voice etc.) and sent the first two chapters to a professional editor to coach me on this. The rest was self-edited.

*Note all my other books that are for sale had been professionally edited.